Instagram soon to roll out payments feature

Facebook Dating feature new Xiaomi apps Whats App CEO resigns and more

Facebook Dating feature new Xiaomi apps Whats App CEO resigns and more

This means all iOS users can now watch Facebook and Instagram videos along with Youtube directly on the app without having to leave it.

Instagram has confirmed that it is working on a native payments feature for booking appointments at restaurants, salons, or other services, and that the feature is already live for some users in the U.S. and the UK.

One of the initial partners is Resy which is a dinner reservation service serving locations like New York, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Napa, Chicago etc. A specification Payments option has reportedly been added to the Instagram Options list for select users only. As per the new payment application, which is now displayed in the login of specific users, one can enter payment details into the app along with a PIN for more secured access. The feature lets users add a credit or debit card and a pin.

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Instagram will be rolling out this payment feature soon globally and it will be a big boost for the already viral app.

The payments option on Instagram will work with its Shoppable Tags.

After Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the photo-sharing app been through an evolutionary change since its launch. The native in-app payment feature combined with in-app purchases can, therefore, be more easily accessible and attractable for all the users.

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WhatsApp has been growing ever since, with billions of users on the platform; one could imagine how much revenue could be generated by showing some ads to its users. Insta payments is not as diverse as WhatsApp.

While Instagram has started testing its payments feature only now, rival Snapchat had started testing something very similar in February this year. Users will be able to view products and then complete the check-out process all within the Instagram app.

Writing in a blog post at the time, a spokesman said: 'People come to Instagram to follow their passions - from travel and fashion to food, entertainment and everything in between. Furthermore, users will not only be able to make one-on-one calls and also engage in group conversations.

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Now, online shopping in Instagram would offer great experience to buyers.

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