MLK's Daughter Calls for Waffle House Boycott in Light of Violent Arrests

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Police are investigating a viral video featuring a police officer choking and slamming a young black man up against a wall on Saturday at a Waffle House in Warsaw, North Carolina.

Dressed in a tuxedo with a gold vest, Wall had just returned from taking his 16-year-old sister to the prom.

From one angle, you can see even hands were in the air. In a post on Facebook, friends of Clemons said she was arrested after an argument with a Waffle House waitress over refusal to provide free plastic tableware.

In the same television interview, Wall admits arguing inside the restaurant with Waffle House employees.

The video shows the white officer slamming the black teenager against a window, then turning him around before gripping the teen's neck.

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Warsaw Police Chief Eric Southerland said in a statement that authorities are now investigating the incident and Moss' actions do not reflect what his officers are trained to do in such situations.

"We are aware of the video and now working on an investigation, following up based on the video posted, doing interviews, gathering video evidence". [Moss'] hands should have never been around my neck like that if my hands were in the air.

District Attorney Ernie Lee was he was contacted by the Warsaw chief of police on Wednesday regarding the incident and has requested the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation to investigate. Anthony admitted to being in a verbal altercation with restaurant employees, which prompted a call to police. Video of the incident shows Clemons, who is black, being thrown to the ground and having her breasts exposed during a scuffle with several police officers.

Local media identified the police officer as Frank Moss.

The incident drew national interest after he posted a video of the encounter on Facebook, where it's been viewed almost a million times.

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"What are you doing?" It is not clear from the video who initiated the struggle that forced Clemons and the officers to the tile floor.

The Alabama incident immediately sparked comparisons to the arrest of two men at a Philadelphia Starbucks as they waited for a third man to arrive to talk about business investment opportunities.

" 'I'll break your arm, that's what I'm about to do, ' an officer says".

Afterward, Starbucks closed all of its 8,000 US stores to give employees implicit bias training.

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