The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight, and the Wolves ... don't care

As for what Sixers fans should be keeping an eye on once the lottery gets underway, well here's a chart courtesy of Tom Moore with odds to make it easier to follow.

This is done for the first three picks.

In 1985, the first time an NBA Draft Lottery was held, the Knicks won and selected Patrick Ewing. If the Suns, who have a 25 percent chance of getting the top spot and a 64.2 percent chance of being in the top three, end up with the second overall pick, this would feel a lot like when the Los Angeles Lakers got the No. 2 pick and set themselves up to take Lonzo Ball this time a year ago. We've given you their draft year and the college for which they played.

Lately, teams have taken to bringing good luck totems and other various things, or even sending certain people as representatives in an odd effort to influence a drawing that has already taken place.

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They have the seventh-best odds to win the lottery (5.3 percent), and they have an 18.3 percent chance to get a top-three pick.

Los Angeles has just the 0.6 and 2.2 percent chances mentioned earlier.

The most anticipated 30 minutes of sports television on Tuesday evening won't come during a potential World Series preview between the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals or during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals featuring the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA Draft Lottery is on Tuesday night and the Sixers will learn the fate of their first-round pick via the Lakers at that time.

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The Los Angeles Clippers own both their own and the Detroit Pistons' 2018 first-round pick.

None of those trinkets worked - at least not well enough to help the Magic land a superstar.

More likely outcomes are that the Magic will obtain the fifth pick (a 26.2 percent chance) or the sixth pick (a 35.9 percent chance).

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