'Fallout 76' Is Bethesda's Newest Upcoming Installment Into The Franchise

Fallout 76 Announced by Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Teases ‘Fallout’ News With Hours Long Livestream

Although details on Fallout 76 are still scarce, from what we can gather, it seems this game will fall into a different genre altogether.

If that date is when the game is set, Fallout 76 will be taking place before every other Fallout game to-date. Check out promo images below.

Speculations ran wild the moment the gif was first shared on social media by the Fallout and Bethesda accounts, and these speculations are set to continue with more information to be presented during E3 2018.

Some thought this meant that a Fallout 3 remaster is in the works, much like the Skyrim remaster released past year.

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What do we know about the new game?

And there are some rumors that Fallout 76 might just be some kind of online game.

Fallout 76 celebrates reclamation day, as well as three hundred years of the United States, by beginning your next journey through the wasteland from Vault 76.

However, it is their other major franchise that the above tease is in relation to: Fallout.

The information comes from sources speaking to Kotaku, which reports that Fallout 76 was "heavily" inspired by games like Rust. The game is apparently being "Developed by BGS [Bethesda Game Studios] in both Maryland and Austin (formerly Battlecry)".

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As for the gameplay, it's a safe assumption to say it will mirror Fallout 4 in a lot of ways, perhaps adding some complexity on top of that game's systems. This was teased just recently by the publisher.

Either way, this is still big news, so expect to hear much more about Fallout 76 and when we are likely to see it hit shelves in the weeks to come. It was meant to be a control group and was supposed to open 20 years following the events of the great war.

Nothing much has been said about the game but, according to Kotaku, "it's an online game of some sort".

Game publisher Bethesda finally announced the new title for the Fallout series: Fallout 76.

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The Fallout series take place after a conflict between the U.S. and China, when the USA made a grave decision to oil drill off the Pacific Coast.

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