GOP senators push for bill to rein in Trump on tariffs

GOP senators push for bill to rein in Trump on tariffs

GOP senators push for bill to rein in Trump on tariffs

Corker and other Republicans are pushing back on Trump's decision late last month to impose steep steel and aluminium tariffs on USA allies, a move that analysts said pushed the United States closer to a trade war.

"Doing anything around here is like pushing a major boulder up hill", Corker said.

"In general, these kinds of tariffs are a big mistake, and using national security as an excuse is a bigger mistake", Alexander said. They plan to push it through their think-tank, grassroots political network, and Hispanic libertarian group.

"He's obviously not pleased with this effort", Corker told reporters in Washington.

Conservative lawmakers and groups have been pressing McConnell to keep lawmakers in session to address almost 150 federal judicial vacancies - a number Democrats attribute to GOP delaying tactics during President Barack Obama's last years in office.

According to McConnell, the only possibility would be if there were legislation President Donald Trump were to sign.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a long list of things to do this summer, hoping to net a string of smaller but solid victories for Republicans - including members of his conference up for re-election - as well as the President. It strictly prohibits the Pentagon from working with any entity that uses telecommunications equipment or services produced by Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation, which is facing trade law violations over selling sensitive technologies to U.S. adversaries.

Asked if those powers of persuasion were effective, Cornyn cracked a grin.

"Look, I think it should be in there".

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., said that he has not yet decided whether he'd support Corker's proposal.

Corker's legislation would require the president to submit to Congress any proposal to adjust imports in the interest of national security.

President Donald Trump is defending his tough trade negotiations with China, Canada and Mexico, saying that USA farmers have been treated "unfairly". "This is inappropriate to start a discussion about the bill, which has already been amended", the senator said, after mentioning rules of the chamber that "have been here a lot longer than we have been". Democrats need only one senator to be present while the Senate is in session to object to Republican plans and make them go through procedural hurdles.

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WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity Wednesday.

The idea being pursued by Corker, Sen.

The British government says May told Trump that the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union are "close national security allies" and they recognize the importance of open and fair trade.

"There's 55 senators supporting this bill", Pallotta said.

McConnell's move, the aide said, was aimed at keeping those Democrats off the campaign trail and underscored Republican jitters over retaining majority control of the Senate in those elections.

The decision has ramifications for senators up for re-election this fall, a number that includes Cruz, who otherwise is expected to have spent much of August campaigning in Texas.

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Corker, a Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he and the president had a lengthy, "heartfelt" conversation about the legislation. "We should be working nights and weekends now to get the results the American people sent us here to deliver", Perdue said.

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