Monday marks ends of net neutrality rules

Net Neutrality Ends Today, But The Fight To Protect Internet Speeds Rages On

It's finally happened: Net neutrality rules that sparked intense debate are now history

The chairman hasn't talked about any of those incidents where the ISPs discriminated against content by blocking websites or apps that could be their competitors or how their decision to offer paid and fast lanes to big companies could kill the innovation that is being heralded as the victor of this repeal.

"In the short term, I don't think consumers are going to see any change at all from the Internet experience they've come to cherish", Pai told The Washington Post on Friday. "Ever", Bob Quinn, AT&T's senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs, said in the February blog post.

This isn't something that ISPs did before net neutrality rules took effect, and proponents of the repeal argue that the open market will work itself without the rules in place. Consumer advocates are concerned that internet providers plan to extend prioritization to the internet.

An edge provider, for those wondering, is an individual or entity that provides content, applications or services over the internet, or devices for accessing any of those things over the internet, available to end-users, i.e., the consumers.

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Many supporters of net neutrality also interpret the concept to mean that broadband companies shouldn't offer online companies "fast lanes", or faster delivery to Internet users' devices, particularly if it involves extra fees the websites must pay for the special treatment.

The control over the internet by a handful of social media monopolies and internet service providers, which conspire against the democratic rights of the population, makes clear that the defense of democratic rights is inseparable from the ending of private ownership of the internet infrastructure. "Congress will be monitoring the new rules to see if adjustments in the law are needed". So, the broadband providers are likely to move cautiously.

Whether you're trying to buy a necklace on Etsy, stream a series on Netflix, or upload a photo to Facebook, your internet service provider has to load all of those websites equally quickly. For now, at least, net neutrality is safe. just as long as you stay in Washington. "Their wisest course of action will be to eliminate net neutrality like a slow drip over time in the hope that consumers won't notice and will stop caring". Those programs allow consumers to access certain sites and services without the data to and from them applying to any monthly caps they may have.

Zero-rating programs weren't specifically barred under the now-defunct net neutrality protections. And a fourth provision, a "general conduct" standard, gave the FCC the ability to investigate broadband practices it believed could be problematic.

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Do the states have any say about this?


Ajit Pai, in an op-ed piece published today, championed the end of Net Neutrality regulations. Twenty-three attorneys general, along with various technology associations, consumer watchdogs and companies including Mozilla, are now suing to reinstate the former rules.

Washington and OR now have their own net neutrality laws, and a bill is pending in California's legislature. He claims internet service goes across state lines and any changes must be made at the federal level.

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