Former Trump Campaign Chair Manafort Jailed After Bail Revoked

Hearing on alleged witness tampering could send Paul Manafort to jail while he awaits trial

Former Trump Campaign Chair Manafort Jailed After Bail Revoked

The order to incarcerate Manafort capped a months-long fight over the terms of his bail.

The president also referred incorrectly to Manafort's pre-trial detention, calling it a "tough sentence".

He will now remain in jail until his trial on dozens of charges, including financial fraud, money laundering and making false statements.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the District of Columbia, who ordered the incarceration Friday, said she had made a decision to take this step because less drastic measures would have been insufficient.

"You have abused the trust placed in you six months ago", she said.

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A federal grand jury indicted Manafort and a longtime associate, Konstantin Kilimnik, last week on charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice, adding to the multiple felony counts he already faced. He has pleaded not guilty to all of them. Kilimnik, who prosecutors say is living in Russian Federation, did not appear in court.

Kilimnik, who has denied having connections to Russian intelligence agencies, was also involved in the ghostwritten op-ed matter, which prosecutors also connect to Person A in the latest filing.

In a superseding indictment, the prosecutors claimed that Manafort and a close associate, Konstantin V. Kilimnik, had contacted the two witnesses this year, hoping to persuade them to testify that Manafort had never lobbied in the U.S. for Viktor F. Yanukovych, the pro-Moscow President of Ukraine who fled to Russian Federation in 2014 after a popular uprising. The distinction matters because unregistered foreign lobbying in the U.S. is a crime, while lobbying exclusively in Europe would be outside the special counsel's jurisdiction.

Jeffrey Swartz, a professor at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, said the pressure on Mr. Manafort is "immense" and his lawyers could be talking with prosecutors following Friday's hearing.

"They've gone back 12 years to find things about somebody, and I don't think it's right", he said.

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The charges against him in Washington include failing to register as a foreign agent for the pro-Russia Ukrainian government under former President Viktor Yanukovych.

It described how Mr Manafort had designed a programme that used the Hapsburg members to lobby United States politicians and influence American public opinion, including meetings on Capitol Hill.

Trump distanced himself from Manafort on Friday during a free-wheeling discussion with reporters outside the White House that took place before Manafort's bail was revoked.

In asking for Manafort to be jailed, prosecutor Greg Andres said in court that there was a danger Manafort would continue to commit crimes.

She explained that she could not just release Manafort with more restrictions after he was charged with obstruction for reaching out to potential witnesses in his case.

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In a June 15 tweet following the judge's decision to revoke Manafort's bail, Trump called the ruling "very unfair".

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