Spain says France to take in migrants, World News & Top Stories

Spain says France to take in migrants, World News & Top Stories

Spain says France to take in migrants, World News & Top Stories

In total so far, there were 31 different nationalities represented, with the largest numbers of people coming from the Sudan, Algeria, Eritrea and Nigeria, according to Spanish authorities.

"They also look exhausted", she told AFP.

Red Cross official Pedro Redon, speaking to the BBC, said the migrants would first receive food and hygiene kits.

"I can not accept how another country, no matter how friendly they are with us, orders us and tells us what to do".

With Italy's new coalition government - an unlikely mix of populist political neophytes of far-right and leftist persuasions - only weeks old but already ruffling feathers with Salvini's scrappy approach, Europe's already hard conversation about migration is about to get even more strained.

David Beversluis, the chief Doctors Without Borders physician on the Aquarius, said several of the rescued women were victims of sexual violence and rape.

"This Commission proposal is essentially dead", Lehne said, adding that Italy's new government and some others "see the best option" as preventing people reaching Europe. "Trying to get lifejackets, throwing at them, at the people, as they fell".

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Toninelli said Italy is now waiting for a "strong sign" from the European Union that it will help Italy manage the large number of migrants who arrive in the country after attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

The Aquarius is now en route to Valencia, having changed course Thursday due to rough weather.

Spain's Foreign Minister Josep Borrell.

Minister Gerard Collomb's statement on Saturday didn't say how numerous 630 migrants being transferred to Valencia, Spain, from the Aquarius and two Italian government boats might be allowed to come to France.

Cordt, who took over the agency at the beginning of 2017, was caught in the fallout from a scandal centering on the Bremen branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

On Friday, the NGO had indicated on Twitter that its boat was stationed off the Libyan coast and engaged in rescuing 118 people.

The destination wasn't immediately announced, but the coast guard said it wouldn't dock until at least Tuesday.

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Madrid said Saturday it has accepted an offer from France to take in some of the 630 migrants from the Aquarius rescue ship following a turbulent week that saw Italy spurning people plucked from the Mediterranean.

Salvini, who heads the right-wing League party, said that if France, Malta and Portugal also open their ports to migrants rescued from smugglers' unseaworthy boats, "we'll be happier".

Most of the 629 are from Africa but others are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières says.

One man was hopeful about the prospect of a new life in Spain, where the migrants can apply for asylum, along with the possibility of seeking asylum in France, providing they had a legitimate claim.

But just two weeks before the self-imposed deadline of the June 28-29 EU summit in Brussels, EU countries remain deadlocked on how to relocate asylum seekers in the event of a new crisis.

Conte said Italy is working on a proposal for a "radical paradigm change" in Europe's approach to managing mass migration that includes creating "hotspots" in the most common countries of origin and departure to identify asylum candidates.

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