Supreme Court fight in the spotlight — Sunday shows preview

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid D-Nev. leads the Democrats of the Nevada delegation to the podium for a media availability in the U.S. Capitol on Monday Nov. 14 2016

In Supreme Court pick, Trump can push conservative social agenda

The 81-year-old Kennedy announced his retirement on Wednesday, giving Trump his second seat on the court to fill since he took office in January 2017.

Some possible nominees being eyed include Thomas Hardiman, who serves alongside Trump's sister on the Philadelphia-based 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and Raymond Kethledge, a federal appeals court judge who clerked for Kennedy.

The road to confirmation for Trump's pick is likely to be a contentious one, as Democrats are expected to push back. "Judges, and particularly the Supreme Court, have been a resounding success of this administration". The average age of the circuit court nominations he made in his first year was 49, and for district judges, the average age was 51.

Trump on Friday told reporters he'd narrowed his list down to five.

Donald Trump wants his Supreme Court pick to still be on the bench in 2043 as he spends the weekend working his way through a list of five runners and riders. But he has promised to draw the next justice from a list of 25 prospective candidates that was first established during the 2016 presidential campaign and updated last fall, with advice from conservatives.

President Trump and Sen. Heitkamp meet at White House
Trump has been hitting the road in recent weeks to support Republican candidates, especially those targeting sitting Democrats. President Donald Trump has urged North Dakota voters to defeat "liberal Democrat" Sen.

So, what is the Federalist Society?

The group got its start on college campuses when Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

President Trump initially bashed Heitkamp at a rally in North Dakota this week in which he urged voters to support her GOP opponent, Rep. Kevin Cramer.

The network announced Friday that Bartiromo and Trump would also "discuss the current state of the United States economy, global trade sanctions, immigration, and more". "The way he puts it, is someone who is quote, 'not weak, '" Leo said. "Heidi will vote "no" for any pick we make for the Supreme Court", Trump said.

"I'm very proud of Neil Gorsuch", Trump continued.

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Ultimately, the most important consideration for the White House is that the nominee gets confirmed. He said we are not final because we are infallible, we are infallible what we are final.

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly of IN met with the president Thursday evening and reported afterward they had a productive conversation. He added that two women are among his top candidates for the job. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, filed in after Donnelly.

The Democrats - Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of IN and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota - are running for re-election IN November IN states Trump won IN 2016.

"What do you think?" Neither senator is known for telegraphing how they will cast their votes until right before the vote is called, so the spotlight will likely be on them in the months ahead. "As I said, I'm looking specifically at two women".

McConnell later told reporters Saturday he has "no idea" who the president will choose.

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When asked is issues affecting women are the "most important" for 2018 candidates to discuss, almost half (48 percent) said they are "very important but not the most important issue".

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