Trump says he's interviewed four candidates for Supreme Court

Sen. Susan Collins R-Maine said Sunday that any judge who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade has an

Trump says he's interviewed four candidates for Supreme Court

White House spokesman Raj Shah disclosed the conversations.

Justin Clark, the director of the Office of Public Liaison, will manage outreach to key groups and allies.

Even though the federal government is closed for Independence Day, aides said, the President is expected to take calls and speak with people about the search throughout the day and even into evening at his July 4th party at the White House. "The Department of Justice is fully engaged to support the nomination and confirmation efforts".

Trump told reporters Friday that he'd "narrowed" his list of potential nominees "to about five." Sen.

Indian American judge Amul Thapar was among four candidates President Donald Trump interviewed on Monday for a vacancy in the US Supreme Court.

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He called the interviewees "outstanding" and "incredible people in so many different ways, academically and every other way".

"[Barrett] went to [the University of] Notre Dame. she is very Catholic", Zerlina Maxwell said Monday on MSNBC. He was Trump's first judicial nomination to a district or appeals court, and on Trump's short list to replace Scalia previous year, losing out to Gorsuch.

Spokeswoman Sanders says Trump is seeking a candidate who has "right intellect" and the "right temperament" and will uphold the U.S. Constitution. But she acquiesced and voted for the tax cut after Trump promised her that she would get separate votes on two bills to stabilize Obamacare - one restoring subsidies for low-income premiums that Trump had killed and another funding a re-insurance program to help insurance carriers cover high-cost patients. In June 2017, the Supreme Court struck down the Texas law in a 5-3 vote, saying it "provides few, if any, health benefits for women, poses a substantial obstacle to women seeking abortions, and constitutes an "undue burden" on their constitutional right to do so". A nominee would tell a Senate inquisitor that the adornment or non-adornment of his private regions - indeed, all persons' private regions - must remain private in our free society. Harry Reid. The Reid rule requires only a simple majority to confirm a judicial nominee without the threat of indefinite delay through a filibuster. The three face re-election in November in states that Trump won in the 2016 presidential election.

On Sunday, Republican Senator Susan Collins said on CNN that she would not support a nominee who "demonstrated hostility" to Roe. He was asked about Roe v. Wade in his confirmation hearings in March and stressed the value of legal precedent and noted Roe v. Wade has been reaffirmed many times. "We believe him. Don't you, Senator Collins?" Collins asserts that a judge who respects precedent would not overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Walker said that if it comes down to the vice president casting a tie-breaking vote, he thinks it could tear the country apart. If chosen, federal appeals court judge Thomas Hardiman, 52, would replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy. Part of the reason Mr Trump can move so quickly is that he already has a list of names to draw from - a list first compiled during his general election campaign in 2016 and supplemented in the almost two years since. Eighty percent of Democrats opposed Trump nominating a judge who would make abortion illegal and 66 percent of independents said the same.

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In announcing last week that he is stepping down, Kennedy said he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Recognizing the stakes, many Democrats have lined up in opposition to any Trump pick, and Republican lawmakers and activists are seeking to shape the president's decision. Court watchers have been discussing the prospect of a conservative woman on the bench. Despite the Supreme Court's prominence, thousands of consequential court decisions are made in the lower courts.

According to the NBC poll, roughly 62 percent of Americans want to see the president's nominee either confirmed or rejected before midterms.

Trump has also been consulting with lawmakers - including Sen. The appointments flipped the makeup of the nation's lower courts.

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