Microsoft surges to record high as Wall Street cheers the cloud

Microsoft surges to record high as Wall Street cheers the cloud

Microsoft surges to record high as Wall Street cheers the cloud

Surface revenue grew by a huge 25% (21% CC), with Microsoft saying that the latest editions are performing strong over a weaker quarter a year ago. Wall Street analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were expecting earnings of $1.08 a share and revenue of $29.2 billion. Azure is gaining traction and is now sitting at 16% overall cloud market share versus Amazon Web Services which has around 32% based on recent market data.

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) released its 4th quarter fiscal 2018 results yesterday and it posted a solid beat on both revenue and earnings per share.

What you need to know is that Microsoft's cloud services business continues to grow at a significant rate and will continue to sustain the company going forward.

Other notable reports from various internal Microsoft divisions include a 38 percent increase in Office 365 commercial revenue, a 37 percent increase in LinkedIn revenue, a 61 percent increase in Dynamics 365 revenue, a 14 percent increase in Windows 10 Pro licensing to OEM customers, and a 25 percent increase in Surface revenue - thanks, the company claims, to considerably improved interest in its latest products compared to the models available the year prior. Meanwhile, Office consumer products and cloud services revenue was up by eight percent, with Office 365 consumer subscribers increasing to 31.4 million. The company reported $110.4 billion in revenue over the past 12 months, marking the first time it has passed the $100 billion mark. With cloud demand rising, Microsoft has also said it will continue to invest.

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Microsoft 365 is now a multibillion dollar business, according to Nadella.

"The combination of the cloud, which is a megatrend that's going to last for years to come, and the execution, this is company that knows how to sell and be innovative - it's hard to argue with anything here", said Tom Taulli, analyst.

Microsoft reported earnings after the bell on Thursday. Productivity software, mainly Office sales, rose 13% to $9.67-billion.

Revenue was $30.1 billion and increased 17%.

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Microsoft handily topped fourth quarter expectations as its commercial cloud revenue was $6.9 billion, up 53 percent from a year ago.

While Microsoft has reorganised its structure and de-emphasised its Windows PC operating system efforts - once the company's flagship business - corporate sales of the software still generate considerable revenue.

Microsoft has three principal business units: Cloud, Productivity and Business Processes, and Personal Computing.

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