Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

Former British Prime Minister John Major said holding a second referendum to gauge public sentiment now that more is known about the true impact of Brexit would be "morally justified".

The EU has tentatively welcomed what has become known as the Chequers plan, but also says the proposals for a free trade areas with the bloc on goods raises "more questions than answers" and has stepped up its warnings of a "no deal" outcome.

He said, "If it's reciprocated, the energy that we are going to bring to these negotiations, the ambition and the pragmatism, we will get a deal done in October".

Speaking in his first newspaper interview since his appointment, Raab said that Article 50, the exit mechanism triggered by the United Kingdom, calls for a trade deal as well as the withdrawal agreement, which includes the £39 billion divorce bill.

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"The Brexit bill is not a payment for future rights".

"We're making sure, both in the allocation of money, £3billion allocated last budget, through operational things like hiring extra border staff, through legal arrangements both domestic, but also treaty arrangements, we're ready for any and every eventuality".

Asked whether he got such assurances, he said: "Well we actually didn't discuss that in any detail, but I think everyone understands Ireland's position when it comes to there not being a physical or hard Border between North and south - it's just something that we can not contemplate".

"I'm confident we won't get there, but even if we did we will have the planning in place, the preparation in place, the operational matters in place from the infrastructure to the planning laws to deal with that".

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With a little more than eight months to go before Britain is due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, May's government, parliament, the public and businesses remain deeply divided over what form Brexit should take.

Amazon's United Kingdom chief Doug Gurr has claimed Britain will descend into "civil unrest" in weeks if it leaves the European Union with no trade deal in place.

'You can't have one side fulfilling its side of the bargain and the other side not, or going slow, or failing to commit on its side.

Steve Baker, who quit as a Brexit Minister in protest at the plans, warned the Government on Wednesday that were enough hard Brexiteers in his European Research Group caucus to defeat the deal when it reaches Parliament.

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Investments in transport and science alongside positive developments in a historic devolution deal for the North East will be set out today as the Prime Minister prepares to host her Cabinet meeting in Gateshead. "We know that everyone has to make mutual concessions to get this deal", he said.

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