UK's May says Boris Johnson should apologize over burqa comments

Boris Johnson burka comment

“The Party must take action- I don’t think an apology is enough

But Conor Burns MP, a vocal supporter of Mr Johnson, said it was "bizarre" for Commissioner Dick to use her position to look into the comments with rising crime in the Capital. She said she welcomed an investigation, "but let's not pretend this is an isolated incident".

The panel will decide whether to refer Johnson to the party's board.

The complaints will be assessed by an independent panel appointed by the Conservative party Chairman Brandon Lewis and the Chair of the 1992 backbench committee of Conservative MPs.

Absent from the 2016 leadership contest when key allies withdrew their support on the eve of his campaign launch, Mr Johnson failed to bring any statesmanship to the Foreign Office.

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SENIOR Tories rounded on Boris Johnson yesterday after he ignored Theresa May's demand for an apology over remarks comparing Muslim women in burkas to "bank robbers".

His most recent column noted his opposition to a new ban on face veils in Denmark but veered away to critique traditional Islamic garb, calling niqabs and burqas "oppressive and ridiculous". The person in the niqab "is similar to a Bank robber" or "Inbox".

"Is Islamophobia, in fact a "natural reaction" or is it one of the by-products of a white, male-dominated Government, which continues to spew racist and sexist rhetoric, diminishing the status of Muslim women as British people?"

A source told the BBC that it was "ridiculous" to attack the former minister's views.

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Mr Johnson has rejected calls to apologise for his remarks, in a Daily Telegraph column in which he also argued against a ban on full-face veils.

Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi, a former party chairwoman, accused Johnson of adopting the "dog-whistle" tactics of right-wing firebrand Steve Bannon, US president Donald Trump's former top aide. "If we fail to speak up for liberal values then we are simply yielding ground to reactionaries and extremists".

The repercussions could exasperate the party's growing civil war, where the debate over Johnson's comments has developed into a proxy war between Brexiteers and Remainers in the parliamentary party. Both sides of the Tory party are gunning for the other - and "this will be a fight to the death".

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