Donald Trump: Robert Mueller Investigation ‘Disgraced and Discredited’

Watergate's John Dean Blasts Glorious Leader: You Don't Have Any Idea What McGahn Has Told Mueller

Trump lashes out at Russia probe as 'McCarthyism'

During a demagoguery-heavy White House event on Monday titled the "Salute to the Heroes of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection", President Trump invited a Latino CBP officer to the podium and told the assembled crowd that he "speaks ideal English".

Early on, it was a strategy McGahn and his lawyer considered unwise because it would allow investigators to get information from a key legal counselor to the president, according to multiple people familiar with their objections.

Trump continued to signal exasperation with the ongoing saga. News outlets reported that Trump and his lawyers do not know the full scope of what McGahn told Mueller's team of investigators.

John Dean was White House counsel for Nixon during the Watergate scandal. The president claimed that Mueller's investigation into Moscow's interference in the 2016 US elections has been far more nefarious than anything McCarthy ever did.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, a former NY mayor, contended Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press that "truth isn't truth" in the Mueller investigation, saying that various events in the Trump presidency, and whether he obstructed justice by seeking to block the investigation, are open to interpretation.

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On Monday (Tuesday NZT), he called Mueller "disgraced and discredited".

During an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet The Press", Giuliani acknowledged that the reason for the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer, arranged by Trump's son Donald Trump Jr., was that they had been promised dirt on Trump's 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times first reported Sunday that Trump's legal team does not know the extent to which McGahn has been cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller. The former White House speechwriter said they visited to deliver a "stand-alone, academic talk titled 'The Intelligentsia and the Right.' I said nothing objectionable and stand by my remarks completely".

The Times, however, said McGahn was in part motivated by fear of becoming a scapegoat if wrongdoing was discovered. Joseph McCarthy's infamous hunt in the 1950s for Communists in the US government.

Trump then went on to dub Mueller's obstruction of justice investigation as "McCarthyism at its WORST", referring to tactics used by late Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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Rosenzweig added that there is a "very limited scope to the confidentiality of (McGahn's) discussions with the president, especially when they involve conduct that might be legitimately the subject of criminal investigation".

"People are dying due to their either lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, or just plain stupidity", Trump said.

"Truth is truth", interrupted moderator Chuck Todd, to which Giuliani responded: "No, it isn't truth".

Last month, Times publisher AG Sulzberger said he had asked the president to stop.

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