There'll 'most likely' be another summit with Kim

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After the initial tears at North Korea's Diamond Mountain resort, Cha Jae-geun, an 84-year-old South Korean, and his 50-year-old North Korean nephew began an awkward exchange Monday over worldwide politics surrounding the Korean Peninsula and the origins of the war that split their family apart and killed and injured millions. The two countries have re-established military contacts, are working to open a joint office in Kaesong (North Korea, near the border with the South), have undertaken cooperation initiatives for infrastructure, and are aiming for a new summit, next month. Among them, almost 86 percent of the group are 70 or older.

"I remember how lovely you were", Cho Hye-do told her big sister.

Who is attending the meetings? Her son, Ri Sang-chol, shed tears of joy as he pulled out a picture of his now-deceased father.

Sisters Kim Gyong-sil, 72, and Kim Gyong-yong, 71, wore traditional dress to meet their 99-year-old mother, Han Shin-ja. The 99-year-old remained speechless for a while and tried to apologize, which was cut short by her daughters saying "it was OK" because their aunt had taken care of them.

Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon, who had arrived in Sokcho on Sunday, wished them well before the group crossed the border. There have been 20 such events in the past 18 years.

A brother and sister could not contain their emotions as they embraced for the first time in decades.

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"It is really important who is older or younger in Korean culture", Hwang said. Since 2013, an average of 36-hundred members of the separated families have died each year.

How will the meetings play out?

More than 300 South Koreans are expected to flock to the scenic slopes of Kumgangsan later this week.

They spent about three hours privately in their hotel rooms, with packed lunches delivered to the rooms. Most of their visit will be heavily supervised. I like him. A lot of people will say: "How could you possibly like him?"

What about those not taking part?

Cha Jae-geun smiled and quickly changed the subject, as South Korean officials urge their reunion participants to do if politics come up.

The company handled logistics for the first inter-Korean family reunions in August 2000 and the previous ones in October 2015.

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Divided families can exchange letters, have live video meetings or family reunions in third countries, if someone ended up living outside the Koreas.

Some separated families also take a private route to contact their families in the North through Chinese brokers.

South Korean participants at past reunions have complained that the heavy monitoring presence of North Korean officials and intense media coverage made genuine conversations hard or impossible.

US President Donald Trump says he will "most likely" meet again with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while defending his efforts to convince Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.

Rumors have swirled that the two could meet again on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly in NY next month.

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