Sacha Baron Cohen did a remarkably uncomfortable interview with OJ Simpson

Who Is America

Sacha Baron Cohen says he and guest O.J. Simpson are 'ladykillers' on Who Is America? finale

The prank looked to get OJ to confess his alleged involvement with the killing of his wife, which he repeatedly express he had nothing to do with it.

Sacha Baron Cohen's unusual brand of humor has landed him in hot water with political figures in recent months after somehow managing to get them to do all sorts of weird stuff on his provocative prank series, "Who is America?". According to The Hollywood Reporter's recap of the episode, Cohen's character pretended to interview Simpson for a show called La Vita Diamante di Gio, which served as a spoof of the show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. "Baron Cohen then explained to Simpson that his industrial companion is "obsessed" with the evening Simpson's outmoded wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, used to be killed in 1994."(He) wishes you to be 100% truthful the fashion you received away with it", Baron Cohen mentioned."I did no longer secure away with nothing", objected Simpson who used to be found harmless."I did no longer secure away with anything else with my wife, either.

"She knows that, oh Jesus", Simpson says as he laughs.

After Cohen's pretend girlfriend left, Simpson told the fake interviewer she was "gorgeous".

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Gio said he'd like to "send her on a private helicopter and throw her over the Grand Canyon - oopsy daisy". Simpson makes sure to say that he didn't get away with anything, and all throughout the back-and-forth, he keeps telling Monaldo to stop, sometimes chuckling a good deal and sometimes less so.

This time around, however, a hidden camera captured Cohen attempting to get the former National Football League star to admit to the 1994 murder of his ex-wife by suggesting that he also murdered his ex-wife. Cohen's character brings up the idea that Simpson killed lawyer Johnnie Cochran too.

Tell us what you think! Simpson said. "Help me!"

"Ah, I didn't either", Cohen's character replied.

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Cohen also referred to himself and Simpson as "lady killers". Simpson regarded on the finale of "Who Is The US?"

On his Showtime comedy reality TV series Who Is America?

The routine opens with Cohen's Monaldo introducing Simpson to his girlfriend, who doesn't recognize one of the most infamous men in America.

The Borat star tried to get Simpson to open up about the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown on Sunday night's season finale. "What, you did no longer abolish him too, did you?"

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On the final episode of Who Is America?

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