Trump Calls New Book by Watergate Reporter a 'Con'

Bob Woodward and Donald Trump

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The book, which is scheduled for release on September 11, is the latest to detail tensions within the White House under Mr Trump's 20-month-old presidency. Woodward has his critics, but based on his well-regarded reporting during the Watergate scandal, Woodward is expected to avoid some of the problems of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, which was published in January of this year.

How has the president responded?

"The Woodward book has already been refuted and discredited by General (Secretary of Defense) James Mattis and General (Chief of Staff) John Kelly", Trump wrote.

"The contemptuous words about the president attributed to me in Woodward's book were never uttered by me or in my presence", Mattis said in a statement. Likewise other stories and quotes.

According to witnesses, Trump called his Attorney General Jeff Sessions "mentally r*******" and a "dumb southerner" before mocking his accent. He always knows where I stand, and he and I both know this story is total B.S. He also repeated a previous comment criticising the "pathetic" attempt to "smear" those close to the president.

The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, dismissed the book as "nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees".

What are the allegations in the book?

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Trump called the allegation that officials removed paperwork from his desk to prevent him from signing it "false" and "made up".

This amounts to an "administrative coup d'état", Woodward says.

"After Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was accused of carrying out a chemical attack against civilians last April, Trump told Defense Secretary James Mattis that he wanted to invade Syria and assassinate Assad, Woodward writes".

"Let's [expletive] kill him!" "Let's f***ng kill him!"

Of course Trump has had frightful things to say about Barack Obama, but it's not like he called him a "weak d**k" in the debates like he reportedly did in private.

Hats off to Brit here, who somehow converts a book-length indictment of Trump's basic fitness to be president into an indictment of the people who spent the entire 2016 campaign warning that Trump was unfit to be president.

In the same statement issued Tuesday afternoon, White House chief of staff John Kelly called Woodward's contention "not true" that he once referred to the president as an "idiot", describing his relationship with his boss as "incredibly candid and strong".

Trump personally lobbying GOP senators to flip on Sessions
Last summer, Graham said there would be " holy hell to pay " if Sessions was sacked , but this week, he said the relationship between Trump and Sessions "is not working.

"It felt like we were walking along the edge of the cliff perpetually", Mr Porter is quoted as saying.

Former Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn, according to Woodward, once saw a draft letter on the Oval Office desk that would have withdrawn the United States from a trade agreement with South Korea. The national security team developed options for the more conventional airstrike that Trump ultimately ordered. "I stole it off his desk", Cohn told an associate, allegedly terrified Trump might sign it. "I wouldn't let him see it".

It would be hard to find a journalist with greater credentials.

He is certainly one of the most respected and well-informed political analysts.

The book asserts he came close enough that his then-lawyer John Dowd did a mock interview in which he asked the President what Mueller would ask.

Did the president speak to Woodward?

The Washington Post published excerpts earlier Tuesday.

In this reported conversation between Trump's former lawyer John Dowd and Robert Mueller, the man leading the investigation into the alleged collusion between Trump and Russian Federation in the 2016 election, the former says he is not going to sit by and let Mueller interview Trump for his investigation.

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