Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Trump Believes No One's Above The Law

Grin Ivanka apparently unfazed by the reports of a fight between her and Bannon flashed a wide smile as she walked from her house to the Secret Service SUV waiting for her

Trump says he doesn't talk the way Woodward portrays him

"I'll write the real book!".

The 75-year-old Woodward said that at a National Security Council meeting a year into Trump's presidency, when he was complaining about the cost of posting thousands of US troops in foreign countries, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had to explain the rationale to him.

Several prominent figures in the book have denied quotes that Woodward attributes to them.

Trump faced overwhelming backlash for his comments after the Charlottesville rally, but Woodward reported in his book, "Fear: Trump in the White House", that the president privately called his decision to initially condemn white supremacists the "biggest f--ing mistake I've made".

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis denies saying that Trump acted like a fifth- or sixth-grader while discussing North Korea, and chief of staff John Kelly denied calling Trump "an idiot". As he did with "Deep Throat" on Watergate, Woodward based his reporting in Fear on "deep background" interviews, sharing all available information without revealing the identity of his sources.

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He told the US District Court in Washington DC: "I made a awful mistake for which I paid dearly and I am terribly ashamed". At one point, Thomas Breen, Papadopoulos' lawyer, presented a curious line of argument for leniency during the sentencing.

"Time and time again people will deny things", Woodward told NPR Morning Edition host Rachel Martin.

In her first briefing since the Trump administration was hit with a one-two punch from revelations in an anonymous New York Times op-ed and journalist Bob Woodward's new book, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said it's business as usual at the White House while slamming the media for focusing on the continuing controversy.

"You can, in an nearly microscopic way, establish what occurred - and that's what I've done in this book".

Sanders blasted Woodward's reporting as "incredibly reckless".

Like the rest of the establishment media, as we head into the midterms, Woodward seems desperate to keep everyone's eye off of the results of Trump's management style, which have been an unqualified success. The tweets attracted widespread attention and concern - "the Internet lost its collective mind", as Woodward wrote in his book.

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The White House last week called Woodward's new book "nothing more than fabricated stories". "Even more than that, what do we get from protecting Taiwan, say?"

"When I heard about this, from notes of that NSC meeting - I've never heard anything like that", Woodward tells NPR.

A different journalist asked if the White House would give a list of everything in the book that they thought were inaccurate, to which Sanders replied, "I think that would be a complete and utter waste of our time, so no".

Woodward gained journalistic fame almost five decades ago as one of the Postreporters whose investigative stories about White House corruption helped drive President Richard Nixon from office and now has written books about eight US presidents. "What it really means is [that there'll be] fewer and fewer people who Trump knows who they really are".

The source, while citing demeaning views of Trump from other unnamed senior officials, declined to say how many officials had actually taken this vow of resistance, or when and how they had taken this vow.

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