Trend Micro: Sorry Our Mac Apps Collected Browser Histories

Mac App Store apps found stealing user data

Popular Mac app Adware Doctor pulled by Apple after revelation it steals browsing history

According to Apple, the new MacOS Mojave would make it impossible for disguising apps like Adware Doctor to access users' browsing history.

Adware Doctor and Komros Adware Cleaner (same developer behind them), Open Any Files and Adblock Master relied on the same technique to lift the information from users. At first, Wardle said the app was behaving normally until it came time to "clean" the user system; that's when he observed the app stealing browser history data and a list of installed apps.

As a result, Trend Micro states it removed this feature that collected users' browser history. He documented the whole operation of these security apps that were supposedly helping users remove adware and malware from Mac devices.

But according to a former NSA hacker turned security researcher, an app called Adware Doctor - which is the top-grossing paid app in the Utilities section of the Mac App Store - is secretly pilfering users' browsing history without telling them.

While there is some logic in scanning browser history for potential threats, not all of the apps collecting information were for security purposes.

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Wardle wrote how the apps have been collecting users' browsing history and transmitting the information to a server based in China - an accusation Trend Micro has slammed as false.

Researchers noted that insecure applications appeared to be repeatedly getting around Apple's vetting process for the App Store.

While it isn't entirely clear whether the apps were booted out or whether Trend Micro removed them, this incident comes as Apple updated its rules on privacy policies. One of the reasons that developers are happy to give Apple a huge cut of their products is that users feel safer buying from the App Store.

Apps collect data such as Global Positioning System coordinates, WiFi network IDs and more, and pass all of it to advertising and monetization firms.

Dr Cleaner, Dr Cleaner Pro, Dr Antivirus, Dr Unarchiver, Dr Battery, and Duplicate Finder collected and uploaded a small snapshot of the browser history on a one-time basis, covering the 24 hours prior to installation.

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The statement also details what Trend Micro found in its investigation: the company claims that some of its apps, including Dr.

Despite Trend Micro's apology, not everyone in the security community is buying the company's explanations.

Trend Micro is an anti-malware and security company who has several security products across platforms. Eventually, Apple swung into action by deleting the app from its store following several other tech publications supporting this claim.

The BBC has contacted Apple for comment.

Perhaps Apple does not care about the Mac App Store as much as the iOS App Store simply because it does not generate as much money for it.

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