Andrew Cuomo Defeats Cynthia Nixon in New York Gubernatorial Primary

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With just one day to go before voters cast their ballots in the September 13 gubernatorial primary, Gov. Andrew Cuomo appears positioned to trounce Cynthia Nixon - but appearances can be deceiving. The unconventional medley ignited a firestorm on Twitter over the weekend, but Nixon has bigger fish to fry.

Cuomo's campaign dismissed her as inexperienced and touted the governor's work to push back against President Donald Trump.

Polls show Cuomo has a commanding lead, with the most recent survey, from Siena College, suggesting he was more than 40 percentage points ahead in the race's final days.

New York's primary election was underway on Thursday when a late-breaking endorsement from Cardi B came into play.

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Nixon's platform is built on issues of housing affordability, universal healthcare, and criminal justice reform.

"That's what I want - a full load with cream cheese", she tells the deli worker.

"Using marijuana is something that's effectively been legal for white people for a long time", she said during her interview on Cheddar.

NY current labor laws make it illegal for public union employees to go on strike, resulting in fines and penalties. Party Director Geoff Berman later said the mailer was a mistake, and Cuomo's spokeswoman acknowledged that two former aides volunteering on the campaign were behind the piece.

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The tweets attracted widespread attention and concern - "the Internet lost its collective mind", as Woodward wrote in his book. Several prominent figures in the book have denied quotes that Woodward attributes to them.

Nixon's campaign slammed what they called the governor's "secret rally", saying in part, "The blowback from Cuomo's bridge and mailer scandals have forced him into hiding, while Cynthia is gaining momentum and talking to excited voters at five different campaign stops".

Nixon has hammered Cuomo for failing to address New York City's beleaguered subways and for not following through on pledges to address corruption. "And because I believed that he was a Democrat, the way he said he was".

The shout-out even sparked a reaction from the former "Sex in the City" star. She could have brought up his failure to address gerrymandering, an issue that Cuomo ran on in 2010.

Are New York ballots not standardized across the state? Nixon has pledged to pass congestion pricing and a tax on the wealthy to pay for much-needed repairs to an aging infrastructure.

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Earlier this campaign season, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley both upset long-serving Democratic incumbent congressmen in nominating races in NY and MA, promising more vigorous liberal policies and highlighting their opposition to Republican President Donald Trump. But there's no denying the country's progressive wave.

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