California is launching its 'own damn satellite' to track climate pollutants

California is launching its 'own damn satellite' to track climate pollutants

Clashing with Trump, California governor says to launch climate satellite

Much of their focus is against Gov.

"China has taken this Global Summit very, very seriously and we hope to build on that in months and years ahead as California, the USA and China's Jiangsu Province in particular will work even more closely to combat climate change", said the governor.

Some environmental activists argue Brown's galactic focus is misplaced, and point to his support for fracking and urban oil drilling.

The criticism of Brown is not new and reached a crescendo in 2017 as he negotiated with some of California's largest oil producers during efforts to extend the state's cap-and-trade climate program.

Of the 158 responding cities in 39 states, 95% said they had experienced an impact of climate change, from drought to wildfires to extreme storms. He has also said that fossil fuel use and production should be phased out slowly.

The remarks echoed a pledge the Governor made almost two years ago at a scientific gathering in the face of potential cuts to federal satellite and climate monitoring programs under President Donald Trump, who is skeptical of climate science.

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"But everyone here is saying (the opposite), like the mayors, the governors and the City Council".

Gore said it's difficult to deny that climate change is causing more severe weather but that "It's a little harder to deny the 3000 deaths from the hurricane in Puerto Rico".

"It is a fact that countries are on different development pathways and so different cities are going to peak different times", he said. "It's going to be loads of Hollywood style announcements".

It has also attracted celebrities, from actor Harrison Ford to primatologist Jane Goodall and musician Dave Matthew. It can't officially negotiate at the United Nations as part of the Paris agreement process, which is still seen as the backbone of global climate action. "Despite the lack of leadership from Washington, it's really about action". "Here we have environmentalists protesting an environmental conference". Cities, states, investors, and businesses are all in.

"If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite", Brown said at the time to cheers and applause from the geophysicists.

Trump announced a year ago that he was withdrawing from the landmark 2015 Paris climate accord. The businesses and states basically get about 4 percent there, according to Hsu. This was billed as a success story by the two leaders, and the report also contained a roadmap to getting the United States much closer to its Paris goal.

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Hsu also looked at pledges made in 2002 in a South Africa conference and found that 65 percent of the pledges had no records showing they were acted upon.

The genesis of this summit can be traced to the 2015 Paris climate talks.

"This is sort of the real economy speaking for itself", Figueres said.

With the Trump administration rolling back several climate measures - including withdrawing from the Paris climate accord - cities and states have been stepping up and making climate commitments of their own.

"We are building a thriving, innovative economy that combats climate change and embraces a zero-emission future".

The key for Canada is phasing out coal - the dirtiest fossil fuel - by 2030, said Canadian environment minister Catherine McKenna.

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"We have seen here over the past few days the inspiring amount of work that is already being undertaken by communities around the world to address these issues". He added big challenges were ahead to slow climate change.

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