Labour prepared to back second Brexit referendum

UK's Labour party ponders supporting new Brexit referendum

Stop Brexit? UK’s Labour Party mulls backing new referendum

Lewin added: "I wanted more for Remain Labour supporters and other grassroots campaigners, but we have a motion that effectively calls for Labour to support the EEA as a minimum, rejects the idea of a referendum exclusively on different forms of Brexit and increases the chances of a People's Vote".

My understanding of what the discussion, certainly within my party has been all about, is: respect the referendum but the deal that comes back, if it's not acceptable to Parliament, we should have a general election or keep the option of a People's Vote on the deal on the table.

"In that case it will be about whether you accept the deal or not or whether you send people back to negotiate a proper deal".

Yet Pro-EU Labour members, including many lawmakers, say the party's ambiguous stance is becoming increasingly untenable as the risk of an economically damaging "hard Brexit" grows.

Labour is expected to discuss several motions on Brexit at its conference, and it remains unclear what the proposal on a second referendum might be - it could be a clear backing of a vote or something less black-and-white.

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Mr Healey, however, said: "My preference would be not have a second referendum".

At Labour's women's conference on Saturday, the party faced a fresh row after a frontbencher praised the Militant-dominated council which ran Liverpool in the 1980s.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has long opposed that idea, but he and other party leaders are under pressure to change their minds.

On ITV1's Good Morning Britain, Mr McDonnell suggested that a general election would be "the real People's Vote" because it would give the public the chance to change the team carrying out the negotiations, replacing Theresa May with a Labour government.

Labour finance spokesman John McDonnell said Monday that "we argued for "remain" in the past but we lost that vote so we have to respect that". "I really welcome this announcement from the NEC today, I think it's absolutely essential that we have got a woman somewhere near the top of the party".

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Sir Keir Starmer, the party's shadow Brexit spokesperson, said "nobody was ruling out the option".

"They did not do this to be offered a farcical referendum on No Deal or a Bad Deal".

Even in the North and Midlands, where many Labour constituencies voted Leave in 2016, there was overwhelming support - 86% and 88% respectively - for a second vote. Most of the party's half a million members voted in 2016 to remain in the European Union, but many of its 257 lawmakers represent areas that supported Brexit.

For those pressing for a second referendum, or a People's Vote, the motion was little more than a fudge. It calls for Britain to leave the EU but remain in the bloc's customs union with "full access" to the EU's huge single market.

Labour backed the "remain" side during the 2016 referendum but Corbyn's support was lukewarm.

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Aberavon MP Stephen Kinnock warned: "One thing we know a referendum will not do, it will not reunite our country".

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