Oculus Quest announced: a wireless VR headset for $399

Facebook Announces $399 Oculus Quest VR Headset

Oculus Quest announced: a wireless VR headset for $399

Last year's version was still using handheld controllers with integrated touch pads, but the final version will ship with controllers that use Oculus Rift-style thumb sticks and buttons.

So far, VR hasn't caught on. It's priced affordably (relative to the industry) at $399 and comes with six degrees of freedom - meaning the headset tracks the position of your head, not just its rotation.

The Quest, according to Zuckerberg, hits all three of these beats. The Quest also features its own audio solution, with earphones embedded into the headstrap, providing 360° audio as you game.

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The Quest features the "same best-of-class optics as Oculus Go", and packs a resolution of 1,600 x 1,440 per eye. And yes, there's lens-spacing adjustments.

Originally known as Santa Cruz, the Oculus Quest supposedly represents Oculus' attempt to deliver the holy grail of VR - wireless usage, built-in tracking, solid performance, and no need for a PC. "All of the content that works for Rifts is going to work on the next version". Shipping is slated to begin next spring, and we're certain to hear more about the latest tweaks and titles in the months leading up to its release. They are calling this Oculus Insight. So you can take it between your home, your office and your friend's home and it'll remember its guardian setup for each.

Improved sound with deeper bass and support for Touch controllers is also included with the Quest.

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"With Oculus Quest, we will finish our first generation of Oculus products", said Zuckerberg.

At this point, there are no indications of what kind of hardware is installed inside this standalone VR headset, but we'd imagine that it's beefier than what's available with the $199 Oculus Go.

Zuck also says that these three devices are also platforms, so anything built for them today will also work with new iterations in the future.

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