Fortnite update time confirmed by Epic Games, first look at patch notes

Fortnite is Now Shrouded in Darkness For Season 6

Fortnite Season 6: Darkness Rises is here!

With Fortnite now under maintenance to prepare for the release of season 6, Epic Games have released the season's trailer and also the theme for what we should expect. Read on for details of where exactly to find the hidden stars, plus information on the other rewards you'll unlock along the way. Shadow Form also grants increased movement speed, jump height and immunity to fall damage, as well as the ability to "Phase" through objects in any direction using the primary fire button. Epic Games has teased players with a castle for a long time, and it's finally made it to the game. The long-awaited season is finally here, and players can explore the new areas on the island.

With a new Battle Pass also comes a plethora of challenges for players to complete and a secret Battle Star to locate.

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A number of weapons were vaulted, including the Impulse Grenades, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives. They'll even react to your encounters, so keep an eye out for special interactions as you play. There is nothing to replace them just yet, but you can be sure new weapons and items will take their place in future updates.

You don't have to enter battle alone anymore. These include newly added Pets, that will follow you around and watch your back when they drop in. Cute, right? But if you look closer, you can see this week's Battle Star in plain sight. While this change doesn't affect PC players, PS4 players using a keyboard and mouse can now queue up with other keyboard and mouse users. Thankfully, it's not too out of the way so you won't waste a lot of time obtaining it.

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Epic Games could delay the launch of season 6 if anything happens during the update process.

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