FBI should conduct ‘real investigation’ into Kavanaugh, Flake says in Boston

How The FBI Will Investigate The Brett Kavanaugh Allegations

Supreme Court starts new term as Kavanaugh, lawmakers await FBI inquiry

Several US media outlets over the weekend said that the scope of the investigation was being constrained by the White House, reporting that one of Mr Kavanaugh's accusers, Julie Swetnick, would not be interviewed. On Friday, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona broke with his fellow Republicans and said that although he supported moving Kavanaugh's nomination out of the committee, he called for the FBI to investigate credible allegations against Kavanaugh.

The New York Times, citing people familiar with the matter, reported that the White House asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to share its findings after the initial interviews and that Trump and his advisers would then decide whether the accusations should be investigated further.

Trump said he wants FBI to do a very comprehensive investigation, whatever that means according to the senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority.

I have been contacted by numerous reporters about Brett Kavanaugh and have not wanted to say anything because I had nothing to contribute about what kind of Justice he would be. "We have to allow them to go ahead".

The FBI has been asked to complete an investigation against Judge Kavanaugh, who is facing allegations of sexual assault from at least three women.

Democrats expressed concern about any curtailment of the probe, which comes after the Judiciary Committee approved Mr Kavanaugh's nomination along party lines on Friday before the matter goes to the full Senate for a final vote.

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In Thursday's extraordinary hearing, Kavanaugh vehemently denied the sexual abuse allegations, and also aggressively challenged suggestions he had a drinking problem at the time.

Some Democratic lawmakers claim the White House is keeping investigators from interviewing certain witnesses and have questioned how thorough an investigation that must be concluded by Friday can and will be. I hope that the report comes out like I really think it should.

Heitkamp, meanwhile, noted that Trump himself called for a "broader" FBI investigation into the allegations.

As the investigation is not a criminal one, the FBI will not say whether they believe the allegations are true.

A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters on Sunday the investigation would start off with interviews with only four people. But he also said Senate Republicans are determining the parameters of the investigation and "ultimately, they're making the judgment".

"The other problem is that for the people who are real victims of these things, when it is so obviously political in cases like this, it really diminishes the real claims", Trump Jr. said.

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"The Supreme Court is one of the last bastions of trust". "The time for endless delay and obstruction has come to a close", McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday.

In a five-page memo released Sunday, Rachel Mitchell listed nine major problems with Ford's testimony, finding the case against Kavanaugh even weaker than a "he said, she said" dispute.

Then there are key details Ford says she doesn't recall, such as who invited her to the party, how she heard about it, how she got to the party, in what house the "assault" happened, where it was located and "how she got from the party back to her house".

Unable to attack Blasey head-on ― a politically sensitive move on the eve of the midterm elections ― Republicans have instead focused on complaining about the process that led the psychology professor to speak out last month, and on attempting to discredit the story of a different woman who has accused Kavanaugh of being at a high school party where she was gang-raped.

He has also denied misconduct allegations.

Republicans have 51 seats in the closely divided 100-member Senate and can not afford to lose more than one vote on confirmation.

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