Flake concerned by Kavanaugh's 'partisan' interactions at U.S. Senate hearing

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But the president also said Senate Republicans are determining the parameters of the investigation and "ultimately, they're making the judgment".

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the East Room of the White House in Washington, July 9, 2018. She said she was able to get away and run into the bathroom after Judge jumped on her and Kavanaugh, knocking them off the bed.

"But now you're guilty until proven innocent". "Whatever that means according to the senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority, I want them to do that".

Chris Dudley and Dan Murphy said they had never seen the nominee black out at college or behave inappropriately with women.

Jim Bourg/Getty ImagesThe White House last week agreed to a limited, weeklong FBI investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"The goal posts keep shifting", he said on the Senate floor as he accused Democrats of devising endless delays.

A friend of Mr Kavanaugh's threw a glass at a 21-year-old man, leaving the victim "bleeding from the right ear".

Almost a dozen classmates recalled him indulging in heavy drinking, with some saying it went beyond normal consumption, the Times reported. Dudley and Cozzolino didn't immediately return messages on Tuesday. Kavanaugh was questioned after the 1985 altercation, but wasn't arrested. "These are not qualities we look for in a Supreme Court justice, or a judge for that matter".

His attorney, Barbara "Biz" Van Gelder, wouldn't say Tuesday when the interview concluded or what Judge was asked. "The accusations against Judge Kavanaugh, including those by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, are credible and grave".

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"It wouldn't bother me at all" if the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviews all three women who have accused Kavanaugh of misconduct, Trump said, adding the accusations of a third accuser, Julie Swetnick, did not appear credible to him. Judge has denied the allegations, as has Kavanaugh.

"The FBI should do what they have to do to get to the answer", the president said.

Democrats, McConnell said, "will not be satisfied unless they have brought down Judge Kavanaugh's nomination". Scrutiny has been building this week on Kavanaugh, not only because of the accusations, but because of his testimony at that hearing.

"The mudslide was cheered on and capitalized on at every turn by the far left that has been so eager to stop this nomination", he said.

McConnell mocked the questions from Democrats about Kavanaugh's drinking in high school and college. But he says anew that the Senate will vote on Kavanaugh this week. Kavanaugh denies all the claims, and disputes the idea that he was an aggressive drunk.

He said the Democrats are undermining Mr Kavanaugh's credibility and are "willing to do anything or hurt anyone" to submarine his agenda.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, a Republican member of the Judiciary Committee, said Kavanaugh has only been responding to Democratic attacks. Joe Manchin's campaign office in Charleston and were charged early Tuesday.

Mr Kavanaugh denies the claims.

The announcement was made in an email from administrators to law students on Monday.

Kavanaugh questioned by police in 1985 over Yale bar fight
According to The New York Times , Kavanaugh may have initiated the altercation by throwing a beer at the victim. It did not say whether anyone was arrested, and there is no indication that charges were filed.

Any Harvard students who were hoping to take Brett Kavanaugh's course in January must be bitterly disappointed, as the controversial judge has "indicated that he can no longer commit to teaching his course in January Term 2019".

A Harvard Law School spokesperson confirmed Kavanaugh's decision to The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Interested in Supreme Court?

He had taught at Harvard Law since 2008, according to Harvard Law Today.

The strategy came as the FBI conducts a limited investigation into allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh but with great uncertainty about whether the probe will unearth anything conclusive by the end of the week, when Republicans are pressing for a vote.

Ernst is among six Republican women in the Senate.

Hume said that despite the new circumspection from Flake, "I don't think he's moved at all" on his Friday pledge to vote to confirm Kavanaugh if the FBI investigation comes back without concerning developments.

In a sworn declaration, Swetnick alleges Kavanaugh and Judge present at high-school parties at which gang rapes occurred.

The idea that people in the US are wrongfully "guilty until proven innocent" is an idea that wasn't manifesting itself politically on the right until last week, GOP pollster Frank Luntz told The Washington Post.

FBI should conduct ‘real investigation’ into Kavanaugh, Flake says in Boston
Republicans have 51 seats in the closely divided 100-member Senate and can not afford to lose more than one vote on confirmation. As the investigation is not a criminal one, the FBI will not say whether they believe the allegations are true.

In a White House press conference overnight, the United States leader sought to excuse excessive drinking by teenagers, while going beyond Mr Kavanaugh's own testimony on his past use of alcohol to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

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