Boris Johnson's Brexit proposals dismissed as 'fantasy world' by Chancellor

REX  Shutterstock Boris Johnson seen returning to Gatwick Airport after a short visit to Italy. The former foreign secretary has been criticised for language he used in a national newspaper column to

Boris Johnson has launched another scathing attack on May’s Brexit plan

The prime minister was quizzed repeatedly by Andrew Marr on whether she would defy ardent Eurosceptics, including former Brexit secretary David Davis, who say the United Kingdom has already made too many concessions in exit talks.

And he urged Tory delegates to persuade the Prime Minister to "chuck Chequers" and return to the hard Brexit blueprint she first set out in her Lancaster House speech, when she said she would take the United Kingdom out of the customs union, single market and jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

The profiles of former foreign secretary Mr Johnson and Environment Secretary Michael Gove were among those reportedly accessed.

Mr Johnson said the PM's Brexit blueprint - which ties Britain to a common rulebook with the European Union for trade in goods - would be "politically humiliating for a £2 trillion economy", would lock Britain in the "tractor beam of Brussels" on regulation and would prevent it from making its own laws.

"Do not believe that we can somehow get it wrong now, bodge it now and fix it later", he said to cheers.

May, when asked in a series of broadcast interviews earlier about Johnson's expected intervention, said she had expected his speech would be a "lively" event but declined to make any personal criticism.

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This included what she said was his "tearing up" of a guarantee to the people of Northern Ireland. The Financial Times's Seb Payne described it as the "beginnings of a leadership bid".

The problem for Johnson "is that he is becoming a politician who is incredibly well created to win the votes of paid-up members of the Conservative Party and is poorly positioned to win votes of anybody else", agrees the New Statesman's Bush.

While Johnson's Brexit message was greeted with the greatest rapture, his attack on the opposition Labour Party and calls for the Conservatives return to its traditional values of low tax and strong policing were also enthusiastically received.

"And we saw a starkly one-sided approach to negotiation, where the EU's theological approach allows no room for serious compromise", said Raab.

It is feared that will lead to the UK's ports and airports being thrown into chaos, and even a shortage in medicines as well as perishable foods.

"The conference is probably going to be another step towards the undermining of her leadership", Mr Bevington said.

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A Lancaster House-style Brexit would be a "win-win" for both Britain and the EU, Mr Johnson said.

"There are so many private conversations that should now be public conversations - and notably by British businesses", Soubry said.

"Now it wouldn't surprise me if that team talk to their colleagues and say, "Listen, what are you doing in the UK?"

The bulk of the former foreign secretary's alternative prospectus for the future of the Tory party "was devoted to setting out his alternative domestic policy vision", says The Guardian.

"We believe that we have produced a proposal which can operate within the current framework of technology and administration to deliver a free flowing border with no infrastructure on the island of Ireland within the boundaries of a free trade agreement", Baker told BBC radio.

The uncertainty has led to business concerns that there will be no deal, potentially leading to tariffs and border delays.

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