Migrant caravan masses on Guatemala-Mexico border awaiting confrontation with Mexican police

Honduran migrants take part in a caravan towards the United States in Chiquimula Guatemala

Modal Trigger Honduran migrants take part in a caravan towards the United States in Chiquimula Guatemala. AFP Getty Images

President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to deploy the military and close the southern United States border if Mexico does not halt a caravan of Central America migrants heading north, raising the risk of huge disruptions to trade.

Tucker Carlson said Thursday that Democrats like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are not joining President Trump's calls to stop the caravan of Central American migrants because the left believes that "unchecked immigration will strengthen their hold on power".

Trump did not detail his military threat.

Guatemala has closed its border gate and is standing guard with dozens of troops and two armored jeeps.

Mexico's Foreign Ministry is responding to the caravan of around 2,000 migrants that is traveling from Honduras toward Guatemala, aiming to reach the US-Mexican border.

A caravan of some 3,000 migrants fleeing Honduras is continuing to walk north to the U.S. border, as Trump threatened to deploy the military and close the U.S. -Mexico border.

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In part, the response is meant to both dissuade the migrants from even attempting to enter Mexico and potentially to show the Trump administration that Mexico is willing to, as the government put it, "maintain order".

The migrants have already crossed into Guatemala, after forcing their way "past approximately 100 Guatemalan police at the border" with Honduras, and are heading northwards towards Mexico, reports USA Today.

The migrants planned to wait for the rest of the caravan to arrive, then cross the border en masse in hopes of overwhelming the Mexican authorities, who have vowed to detain anyone without a visa.

Migrants who want to apply for refuge in Mexico were welcome to do so, they said, but any who decide to cross illegally and are caught will be detained and deported.

Barely a week goes by without Trump warning about the danger posed by ultra-violent Central American gangs like MS-13, while chants of "build the wall" are a staple element of his pre-midterms campaign rallies.

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But at least five U.S. states later refused to send the troops amid an outcry over a since-abandoned White House policy to separate migrant children from their parents at the border.

Migrants have been known to cross the river on rafts for years - sometimes encountering authorities along the way, sometimes meeting little resistance as they slipped into Mexico and continued their journey north.

Under pressure from the USA to stop the migrants, Mexico has sent federal police to the border, though they are not officially there to stop the caravan.

"Just today, the Mexican government, and this is a very important step, requested the intervention of the United Nations, the Office of the High Commissioner on Refugees, to help Mexico review any asylum claims from the members of the caravan", Gutierrez said.

"It was predictable, and it's also very close to the election", he said.

The migrants are mostly Hondurans, but others like Salvadoran Jonathan Guzman have joined the caravan en route.

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