Is the Truth Hidden in Plain Sight? South Park Airs Ebola Quarantine Episode Same Week as Ebola Outbreak in Dallas? Illuminati Predictive Programming Episode? You Judge…


Here we go folks!! A major cartoon broadcast known as South Park, just so happened to “coincidentally” predict a future event. The episode that aired October 1st, 2014 portrayed nationwide panic over the Ebola virus the same week the virus made its way into Dallas, Texas.


Could the satanic Illuminati cabal be making themselves known through this predictive programming? Maybe? You judge…


Video by The Vigilant Christian…

(Note- Personally, I don’t agree with his take on Robin Williams)



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4 replies

  1. It would be interesting to see who the writers are and who approves for broadcast , ect , just to see if their is a tie to any of the ones who what us dead ..


  2. South Park is evil / satanic / demonic just like the Simpsons are!! I never ever Watch them!! They’re both anti-Christian / anti-Israel / anti-Zionism / Antisemitism / anti-USA Everything!!

    ❤✡✝ Jesus Christ Loves Ye All✝✡❤


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