Exposed: Leaked Government Documents with Dire Consequences to Those Who Are Affected By Them! Be Warned and Educated About What’s Ahead! Chilling Discoveries from Mass Graves, to Government Owned Pastors, to Labor Camps and… (Video)


Every once in a while you come across a government document that holds imperative and quite frankly frightening information. In the video below I dove through many of them painting an overall agenda of what the elite have in mind for our country. While I had hoped for sunshine and lollipops…that was not what I found. To be honest I couldn’t help but get upset about the information I discovered and not only will it anger you but it will make your blood boil as you discover the freedoms being ripped from right underneath our noses not only by the government but by many of our church leaders.

I urge you to watch the video in its entirety. I’ll cover everything from coronary orders to mass grave needs in case of a pandemic, to clergy response teams of pastors working with the government, to targeted domestic terrorist, to concentration camps, to labor programs, and more….



Reporter Threatened With Arrest For Filming A FEMA Camp!? We Have the Video to Prove it and You Will be Stunned by What the Lieutenant Says to the Reporter….


For More Information See:


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  1. LOL sunshine and lollipops , indeed ,,,, and their are the links , thanks , have good day Lisa ..


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