Creepy Website Recording Live Footage From Your Home if You Own a Security Camera, Internet Camera, or DVR! This Is Not a Joke, It’s Real and I’ve Got the Website To Prove it! Find Out If You’re Being Watched Right Now…


Wow! This is not only creepy but sick and sad! I recently came across a website that boasts of filming people through their DVR’s, security cameras, and internet cameras in their own homes! Sadly, this is not a joke, it’s the real deal and thousands are getting squandered across the globe. People who have not set their security passcode have fallen victim to this internet website who shares footage for all to see and it’s not just here in America, it stretches over 256 different countries. Once on, the only way to get off is to request it by email but that’s only if you know about the site!!


Anyone and everyone who owns a DVR, a security camera, or an internet camera needs to hear this! Chances are you just might know someone who has fallen prey. Here is the shocking report….



Here is the link to the website: (It’s alphabetized by city name) 



For More Information See: 

Three Precenter Nation website:

Weebsite sreaming live security camera footage:


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  1. Lisa this is Bryan, I’m the one that had the pictures of the Georgia Guidestones that we had messaged a couple of times about and I had said Twitter had taken them down and I was raising money for a website to be built in which GoFundMe blocked my campaign, I now have one on Indiegogo do you have any helpful ideas where I can promote my link for my campaign, my local newspapers won’t touch it because they say I push negative sentiment about “Controlled Media” and “Controlled News” Go Figure, hahaha, anyway any helpful marketing tips would be appreciated as when you’re in the business of spilling the beans it’s not exactly an easy task to get noticed, from my personal experiences thus far it truly pisses alot of people off so I must be doing something right, lol.  I’m still an avid reader of your site, Keep it up, Lord knows i’m trying to do my part but i’m beginning to think it’s just not meant to be, Take care, Bryan.  Here is my link for our campaign on Indiegogo > Help us build The Unifour site for 4 NC counties |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Help us build The Unifour site for 4 NC countiesHelp make “The Unifour” a site for 4 NC counties: Catawba, Caldwell, Burke & Alexander. #TheUnifour | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |



    • Yes I’ve got tons of tips!! And your a totally on the right track with your site, especially considering the attacks. LOL. Which I get daily myself. And I love those pictures from the Guidestones and still trying to figure it out. I found the company it came from. I was trying to determine if it was just a clean up crew or now. And who funds it. 😉 As for tips for your website. Join Facebook and then join a lot of facebook groups, but only join like 20 a day. As facebook will block you if you do more. Then each time you post on your page share it in all the groups. Do the same with other media outlets as well. This will get things moving.


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    Wow! This is not only creepy but sick and sad! I recently came across a website that boasts of filming people through their DVR’s, security cameras, and internet cameras in their own homes!


  3. Security cameras are a great way to provide security for your home or workplace. As well as providing you with video footage of any events that may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.


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