The Devils Graveyard with Dark Secrets of the 12 Global Vortices Exposed! Alien Portals, Strange Deaths, Bizarre Animal Attacks, Unique Weather, Disappearances, and More!! A Frightening Link to the Truth…

A few weeks ago History Channel 2 aired a program called “Bermuda Triangle Reveled: The Devils Graveyard.” This documentary not only caught my attention but sparked my curiosity. It portrayed the 12 vile vortices supposedly scattered throughout the globe in specific locations that are believed to cause strange phenomena such as bizarre animal attacks, strange weather, disappearances, and more. One of the most famous of these locations is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Other locations include: the North and South Pole, the Devil’s Sea (aka: Dragon’s Triangle), Easter Island, Zimbabwe Megaliths, Hamakulia (near Hawaii), Mohenjo-daro, Algerian Megaliths, South Atlantic Anomaly, New Hebrides Trench (near Fiji Island), and the Wharton Basin.


It is at these locations that reports reveal electromagnetic “aberrations” which many believe are causing these strange anomalies. In the video below I dive into not only the working behind these mysterious vortices but also what they could potentially be hiding…..

Here are two clips from the H2 documentary that are rather interesting…

I guess the ultimate choice is yours. Are they real? If so, what and why are they here? Or is it just some type of elaborate hoax…. Well, you be the judge…


For More Information See:

History Channel Program:

Vile Vortices:




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  1. Dear Lisa: Given the report you did below about global vortices exposed–you might be interested in the following info–from Susan Davis

    Sinkholes—Signs of the LORD’s Return: Susan D. and End Times New Report Volunteer Stace J. of Jamaica have identical dreams (which were unknown to each other until later): Susan’s Dream:Given the latest news of the many sink holes cropping up all over the world and now the latest of a man literally being swallowed in his bed in Florida (and never recovered) by a sinkhole, I decided to tell of a dream I once had. I rarely dream, but over a couple years ago, I had a very unusual dream and it was not one I forgot (I usually forget my dreams). This one stayed with me and with the current events related to my dream, I just decided to tell about what I dreamed. I was in a house and the house broke in half: right down the center and half of the house fell into a huge sink hole that had just opened up. Then I saw in the dream the inside wall of the sink hole there was a staircase coming from down into the sinkhole up to the surface—and on this staircase I saw dark figures descending up the stairs out of the sinkhole. Somehow, I knew these dark figures were demons. This is what I dreamed over a year ago and I was taken back when I heard the news of a house with a sleeping man being devoured by a sinkhole that came up in the ground. Clearly, I believe that all these sinkholes and this dream indicates both end time signs and the darkness moving throughout the earth.

    Stace’s Dream:This is the dream I received from the LORD concerning the sink holes that are happening worldwide: In this dream, I was taken by someone who seemed like an Angel and shown numerous sinkholes around the world and in different countries. These holes were extremely dark. The last sinkhole I was allowed to view had a man guarding it. I somehow wondered why someone would need to be standing beside something as treacherous as a sinkhole to be guarding it. At that time I heard the LORD say to me in the dream that these sinkholes are portals to hell. There were figures/shadows going in and and out of these holes. My dream ended there.

    Please note the section below on The Marriage Supper of the LAMB book which is the journal in which I received important end time messages for everyone through. These words are for everyone—to prepare you for what lies ahead—to give you insight on what the LORD expects from HIS children to be prepared for what is coming and to be ready for the next life. Although I took these Words down during a secluded 40-day fast, it has very little to do about me and a lot to do about preparing everyone for what lies ahead. So please take time to read this document (now available in Ebook format totally free, fast, and easy to download—please see the links below) and then share it with others you care about. Chapter topics: Humility; Forgiveness; Trusting GOD; My Leaders aren’t following ME; Marriage Supper of the Lamb; Being Ready for the End Times. To GOD be the Glory—great things HE has done! Blessings, Susan This is a FREE Ebook—here is the official Marriage Supper of the Lamb website: Smashwords:


    • Wow! Thanks!! And crazy stuff is someone I know had a similar dream.. interesting… The only difference was it was a ‘crack’ in the earth, vrs a sink hole…. which could be one in the same.


      • Here are some comment I sent to Linda at Earth Files
        Hello Linda
        I heard you on Midnight in the desert with Art Last night and had some information about
        the Magnetic field strength and the Earth sounds you were discussing.
        I am a retired Aero Space engineer and my specialty is Electro/Mechanical for Jet Aircraft.
        I wanted to add some important information that may answer some of the issues you mentioned.
        First of all I agree with all your assumptions and would propose one you may not have considered.
        As you may know the Sun Has just recently flip it Poles and it is in the lowest sun spot phase for
        this cycle that started Around the time of Japans great quake. There is a connection between the
        Suns Magnetic strength and the Earth Magnetic field. The Sun I believe actually drive the dynamo
        in the earth and when the Suns output falls so does the magnetic fields that drive Earth dynamo.
        It is much like an electric motor with a stator and field coils.
        This is not the first time intelligent life on earth has fasted this problem and the proof can be
        found in the devil triangles that were placed around the globe in the distant past to try to stabilize
        the core just before the last pole flip on earth. Can see these links for more information on 12 Vile Vortex and The history channel had an excellent show on this 12 Vile Vortex’s in which they discovered large areas of a special Aluminum Isotope 26 that could only been created around the global by using a high energy beam from space to create the alloy form earth element of aluminum mineral bauxite natural deposits. This could be remains of a Gama ray burst hitting earth but that would be random and not equally spaced and offset in the northern and southern regions as the link map shows. So my conclusion is they were engineer to be used for some purpose. Now what is so special about the Aluminum Isotope 26? It was found in the 12 Vile Vortices found
        in the Earth’s surfaces. Now here is the kicker AL26 has a half life of 730,000 years and the last earth flip was the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal, occurred 780,000 years ago. So it is clear someone may have took steps to prevent the up evil from occurring. Then A brief complete reversal, known as the Laschamp event, occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last glacial period. That reversal lasted only about 440 years with the actual change of polarity lasting around 250 years. During this change the strength of the magnetic field dropped to 5% of its normal strength. Brief disruptions that do not result in reversal are called geomagnetic excursions. The important thing to note is the Laschamp event happened during and Ice age meaning lower energy from the Sun.
        This alone does not validate my theory but considering the effect of the 12 Vile Vortex and the Aluminum Isotope 26 that could only be created from a proton Gama ray beam from space that could only place the pattern detected. You see this pattern is not strange to me it resembles the stator of an electric motor and the Aluminum Isotope 26 material would act with some resistance for the crust, or as you say orange peel, against the reversal of the earth core dynamo if it flip during a pole shift. Take a magnet and drop it thru and aluminum tube and it free fall is greatly reduced. With Aluminum Isotope 26 it could actual stop the magnet, Also Aluminum Isotope 26 would account for large electrical , magnet anomalies that resemble the infrasound discharges. These could be transformed into sound bouncing off the ionosphere, your grinding, booms and localized shaking. These discharges occur when large change in the sun magnet fields create CME’s. It appears that the earths Dynamo speeds up and slow down making electric capacitance in the 12 Vile Vortices.
        So in conclusion Intelligent life and society’s existed before or shortly after the Brunhes–Matuyama reversal and they had the knowledge and skills to produce a world wide network to deal with Polar Flips. Here you can find out more about Aluminum Isotope 26, and

        I hope this answer some of you unsolved puzzles. By the way I enjoy your U-tube channel and your appearances on midnight in the desert, dreamland and coast to coast.
        Truly Ken Lowe
        Hot Springs AR


    • Wow, human race are so ignorant! They aren’t portals. They are twelve spaceships(as u like to use the term) as big that they are city. When airplanes or humans come to close they are destroyed. They are not worm holes people. Plus, why do u all think the politics are moving down under. They think that’s what’s going to save them, laughing joke! All the money waisted on hope when it could have been to help feed homeless, cure cancer, and lead education while we still could. But instead waiste time, money, and people.


    • If these 12 sites are stopping the earth from rotating then mine that stuff out of the ground.


  2. My interest in the Bermuda Triangle has got my research juices in upbeat mode searching for more information and to see if any other parts of our seas have reported similar mysterious happenings.


  3. You’ve got a small army of elves working for you don’t you! How else could you report on so many things seemingly all at once! (LOL) OK, seriously, I’ve watched the production of The Devil’s Graveyard… and I have to admit it had the feel of an “artificially produced” & badly acted production. One of the things that stand out to me is the way the biologist’s son had the tenacity to film his own mauling which is shown over again & again for effect & in very poor taste. The other scene is when the contractor yells at the electrician something about standing to close to the equipment which was going to overload. It played like a very strained version of Scotty telling Captain Kirk “She’s guhna blow captain, she’s given all she’s got!” (my best Scottish accent) it never quite achieves the tension the director was obviously looking for.

    Conveniently all but two of these so called Devil’s Graveyards are located under oceans so is the idea to detonate ten nuclear devices to get the desired EMP effect that Hawaii suffered mentioned several times on this broadcast? & I love the ending of the show as well, just kill ’em off and sign off. Oh well. It’s really one of the worst attempts at whatever it was supposed to be that I think I’ve ever witnessed! The Farce was strong in this one.

    Thanks Miss Lisa Haven

    Rocky Collins


    • Yes they are “bad actors” because they are actors it states that in the beginning of the show that and that it is a reenactment of a documented event. Just an FYI. I did state that in the video. But again it’s based on actual documented events.


      • Hi Lisa, I had not heard of you until I was googling this show and found your website. In your video about this you indicated the History channel claims it was a dramatization of an actual event. Then I found this: When you copy,paste, & enter that address, John McLaughlin shows up as the writer, and you’d expect a dramatized, scripted show to have a writer.

        But clicking on John McLaughlin > then on VIEW PROFILE > then on Writer(Producer), this comes up:
        Researched, Developed, and Wrote a detailed outline for a two-hour movie about a man’s search for connections between 12 mysterious spots across the globe that, if true, may have earth-shattering implications.

        So much for the History channel’s claim – and unfortunately your belief in it. I hope you are now spending your time on more worthwhile discussions,, Bob


      • Yes he directed it off of the actual document that the guy had written. As I stated in the Video. So please do a little more study on something before making such a claim.


  4. To Lisa, I apologize if I’ve somehow offended you. I didn’t know you have a connection to said production. To Bob, yeah I know right. What irks me most about this whole thing is their audacity to air a full on fabrication on a channel that’s supposed to be about facts. Children watching programming like this might get confused considering the factual lack of integrity and lack of ‘common’ sense being passed off as real. This “Documented” event, I wonder where I can get a copy of that document, if it actually exists? Thanks Bob & Thank You Lisa, God bless and may you be filled with peace.

    Rocky Collins


  5. I imagine there were naysayers, before the Great Flood, while Noah was building his ark.




  7. Ah yes, another stupendous production out of the A&E camp. We are supposed to believe that mermaids and loco-motive sized sharks dwell in our oceans today, right? How unnerving that these broadcasts made by “true to fact” believable stations are nothing but productions. NOT reproductions, but scripted Hollywood style productions. I, too have done research on this topic, extensively, and have yet to find any solid evidence or proof that such a team of scientists and/or experiments ever even existed. Television, with the exception of Public Broadcast stations, are all about ratings. And don’t even get me started on the internet. Do some research guys, if you want the proof of truth.


  8. There is no doubt they are messing with the earth, physically and in many other ways.


  9. Basically they are saying the the Government is complicit with Aliens to hurt #MotherEarth?
    It seems the fix is in —- and the claim of #ClimateChange
    Interesting all around, all these untold truths.


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