Is Something Major About to Happen? Emergency Red Alerts Tests, Media Blackouts, Terrorism Threats, Banker Suicides and…


Is a great evil about to befall our nation? The entire world is on edge and senses that something major is about happen and one would have to be in denial not to see something is right around the corner. Terrorist are operating everywhere,  emergency red alert tests are being tested, media blackouts are being performed, the economy is unstable and far too many things are on the forefront. What on earth is going on?

In the video below I paint a picture of the overall issues’ we could see facing us in the New Year. Please watch it with an open mind and prepare yourself for what might be ahead…

For More Information See:

BeforeItsNews Media Blackout

Oil Prices Crash

Bank Suicides:

Terrorist Agenda ISIS:

Clergy Response Teams:


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  1. If I was to lose internet access I would not be able to hear LH news , That would really piss me off ..


  2. Lisa,
    All over Colorado on Wednesday, cities were running their alert sirens. This is just one day before the House passed that resolution condemning Russia. Coincidence? I don’t know but there are too many issues arising at once; dead bankers, the riots over Ferguson, economic turndown.


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    This is reblogged from Lisa Haven website. We love her work. If you would like to find excellent reading and up to date information, please check out her site.


  4. America is the Daughter of Babylon and God is getting ready to destroy it. Leave while you still can!


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