Paris is a False Flag and a Cover For This Heinous Scandal Going on Now, Right Under Our Noses – Don’t Miss This!


With all the talk about everything going on in Paris with the hostage situation and standoff, mainstream media is attempting to convince you that their story is more important than the Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew pedophile scandal going on right under our noses. In truth it is just another false flag distraction to hid what the elite are really partaking in. Why anyone would want to cover for a pedophile scandal is beyond me, but I do believe money plays a part….

For More Information See:


Paris False Flag:

Clinton Scandal:

Prince Andrew Scandal:

Pope Scandal:

Royals Scandal:



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  1. Happy New year Lisa! once again great video and you should know that most of the pedos are in the illuminati because they work for satan. The sex trafficking network will not end because it spreads all the way up into every government where the satanic jews exists which is the UK USA and other western governments. People have to wake up to the fact that their own government has been terrorizing them and their children for decades all for the glory to satan especially in America. Keep up the awesome work Lisa God Bless.


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