CIA and DIA Documents on Noah’s Ark Found!! You Will Be Floored By What They Contain…

(photo taken by DIA)

By: Lisa Haven

What are the chances of the CIA carrying documentation about Noah’s Ark a supposed ‘false’ event according to many in the government. That would go against their very fiber! Yet this is exactly what I found. CIA documentation that contain study and observation about the mysterious Noah’s Ark found in the Bible. An event, Christians, such as myself, believe to be accurate and true. Finally some truth has surfaced from the CIA and you won’t believe what they have to say about it…

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For More Information See: 

CIA Document:

DIA Photos:

Noahs Ark Another Location:


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  1. Lisa, I served in Operation Desert Storm in 1990. I was stationed at CENTCOM HQ and there was a group of Bible Believing Christians who were able to use the photo recon of Iraq to exploit the intell of the surrounding region. One of the photos I had seen clearly showed an Ark shaped (based on the Bibles definition) structure jetting out of the ice on Mt. Ararat. Regardless of what anyone would say, I know what I saw and I have been blessed by God to have been there when I was. See the Ark only confirms the authenticity of Gods’ word, but the world must keep this issue covered up.

    To believe there is a wooden barge (Noah’s Ark) on a mountain thousands of feet above sea level, would prove a world wide flood, just as the Bible says. If the Bible is correct on this issue, what else would be true in that Holy Book? Man must deny the obvious so he can live by his own rules and not Gods.

    It’s always nice to see this story resurface from time-to-time. Keep up the good work. YBIC, Mike

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  1. CIA and DIA Documents on Noah’s Ark Found!! You Will Be Floored By What They Contain… | Christians Anonymous

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