World Passports and World Citizenship are Here! NWO Paraphernalia Accepted by 150 Countries! Shocking Activist Making Ripples Behind Your Backs and the Media Says Nothing…

world pass

By: Lisa Haven

“There is no solution for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of world government.” Albert Einstein

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. ” – David Rockefeller

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful.”– Henry Kissinger

As Kissinger implies, the new world order will not come in a third-world coup with the blatant imposition of military force. Instead, the circumstances are to be twisted so that the NWO appears to be the ‘savior’ of humanity. It would be startling if any other approach had been accepted. It has always been the practice of the U.S. establishment to bring public opinion enthusiastically onside to their global-scale projects.

Gary Davis—an activist who has made ripples to open the door for global governance—was the tool for just that. In the video below I dive through his website World Government of World Citizens in which he is openly promotes world passports and even issues them….

For More Information See:

World Government of World Citizens:

Gary Davis Bio:

World Passports:


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  1. We shout
    We whisper
    We plead
    Christians reject

    Hell will be filled with the reborn Christians who do not want to listen. Isaiah 30:1-15


  2. They’re all very pretty, zont you think so?


  3. You’re a smart and non-ugly girl Lany, I just notice…please don’t be mad as heck, it’s a trap of the supporters of the single evolutionary model people, they want you to be mad as heck. Look, Lori, you’re a smart girl, you know about the conspiracy going on in schools to teach our young all about a fabricated evolutionary history, new and newer information, dna, archeological and skeletal evidences are proving that what we have today are the direct results of regional evolutionary patterns, microevolutionary patterns from different mitochondrial Eves, and so much, much, much more. We aren’t a human race, we’re a human species, …with different sub-species….not races. You and me and many others are the direct result of the mysterious and magnificent Cro-Magnon race/species, importantly without the archaic dna admixture that africans have, and quite a few of those wiry haired and bearded jihadist scum This explains much Loretta. Just the tip of the iceberg though. It’s really something and fascinating, Cro-Magnon or EEMM has been walking this earth as a separate being for over a million years. Yes that’s right, that’s with 6 zeroes.

    So much to know and more is being discovered and proven almost daily. There are people out there who don’t want this truth to be known, which is a source of most of the worlds trouble, instead they’re making up and selling lies through the school systems and various organizations. You probably already know that scripture was borrowed from ancient Sumeria, ancient Sumeria was founded by the Cro-magnons, so were the first Egyptian dynasties, they looked like you and me, they had European dna. Both of them were started by the R1a and R1b twin clads. Abraham was the sone of a Sumerian priest who was banished for many sinful things he did, the scriptures were made by people after him who were living in caves, they made up stuff even about Abraham. It’s all a scam. There’s not one record or mention of Jews leaving Egypt. We are finding evidence for Cro_Magnons building civilizations around the world for millions of years, magical feats and amazing mysterious finds. They’ve even been trying to fool you and they have been to a degree. You are a smart girl and you probably smell very nice….but anyway…..keep up the great work Lany-Lana.



  1. Babel – World Passports by Lisa Haven | In de hemel is wél bier !

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