Katy Perry’s Illuminati Performance at Super Bowl XLIX Linked to Bruno Mars Message Last Year! “Prepare for the Coming…” You Will Be Floored! Everything’s Decoded and More…

Year after year the Super Bowl has been used as an Illuminati satanic ritual platform. Last year Bruno Mars played his role well with his satanic message of “Prepare-Prepare.” This year satanist diva herself, Katy Perry, also fulfilled the desires of the infamous group. Her message seemed to portray “make way for the Antichrist.” Could it be that Katy Perry’s message of his arrival was the ultimate conclusion of Bruno Mars message last year? Which seems to say, “Prepare [Bruno Mars Super Bowl 48] and make way for the Antichrist [Kathy Perry Super Bowl 49]?”

While all of this is speculation, I do believe the question is worth addressing and investigating. Here is the breaking report…

To put the icing on the cake here are a few Super Bowl 49 Illuminati commercials that downright attack God…  (Videos below by The Vigilant Christian)

“All-Powerless” God 2015 Illuminati Super Bowl Game Day Commercial …

Super Bowl Mexico Avocado Illuminati Commercial…


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  1. The first thought I had of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance, reminded me of Revelation 17–“A Woman Rides the Beast”. And Rev 17:16 “these shall hate the whore … and burn her with fire.”


  2. The Woman Rides a Beast!
    Things right on track:

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  3. I agree with you about the NWO symbolisms that were rampant in that show. Especially that big tiger looking beast that Katie Perry came in on! That beast looked VERY satanic & evil!!!
    BUT, again, all the NWO / anti-christ stuff will be TOTALLY HARMLESS to the Born Again Jesus seeking Bible reading Christians, because I strongly believe we will be out of here, & raptured up BEFORE any of that stuff happens!
    Bottom Line- Seek JESUS CHRIST, and don’t worry about the anti-christ!!!


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