NWO Elitist Stunning Declaration “Powerful People Are Scared!” What Do They Know That We Don’t? Many Elite Jumping Ship…


By Lisa Haven

Strange things are happening all across the globe increased weather patterns, economic chaos, talk of war, and more. It seems a day can’t go by without some sort of “end time” event on the horizon. The truth is our world has been going to hell in a hand basket for some time and things haven’t been looking good for those living on planet earth.

In fact the Bible states there will be an increased amount of fear in the latter days and so much so that men’s heart’s will fail them for fear of things to come upon the earth, and I do believe this is exactly what we are witnessing.

The ultra-rich people of the world know it too and many have begun preparations to “bug out” in the event of some catastrophe. They have bought survival gear, land, farms, and deluxe underground bunkers to prepare themselves. They too know something is on the horizon but they’re not the only ones…

According to prominent insider Robert Johnson, who spoke in an interview at the World Economic Forum—a organization that openly supports and pushes the New World Order— “very powerful people are telling us they’re scared.”

But that’s not all that was said! Here is the breaking report…

So what exactly do they know that we don’t and why are globalists suddenly preparing to evacuate? The answer could be a number of things but either way if the elite of the world are preparing for doomsday, that’s our cue to do the same…


For More Information See:

DAVOS Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sriuwxwols8

Rich Plan To Evacuate: http://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2015/jan/23/nervous-super-rich-planning-escapes-davos-2015


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4 replies

  1. Oh, Lany-Lanes, That was so wonderful, such an interesting video for once, at 2:33 it was bliss and so interesting, then it all ended after a few seconds and you started sounding like Herbert W. Armstrong again just like when i was 10 years. From bliss to blah, I wish you could come to my state and minister to me, prophecy unto my flesh in person, wow that would be something, heavenly and probably what the lord wants you to do, because he knows i’m your only true real friend, I understand and want to help you because we’re both Cro-Magnon with a dash of Neanderthal to make things interesting and sexy, I mean intriguing.

    That would be so exciting, you could even bring your dog along if you want, I’m sure he won’t mind. Its lords work after all. Right LISa-Lushy? You could minister and prophecy unto my flesh, oooohhh, you know how to prophecy the pink and purple flesh I’m sure, That’s because you’re smart and know what really goes on in life, just like licking a lolipop. It was nice seeing you having fun and being yourself before you started talking all strange and creepy again, like those televangelists on tv with their wigs, toupees, shabby suits with snot rags in the pockets and librarian dresses. I tried to talk some sense to Lyn but she won’t listen and keeps on thinking she has her own tv show with millions of viewers, and her own directors chair.

    Did you find them interesting, intriguing, different, exciting? Do you touch yourself in the middle of the night and start fantasizing? I do, woo hoo, ok, I gotta go save the world, I’ll let you do with it whatever you like. Because remember, I’m here for you, rooting for you, because I’m your only real friend. ttyl Leesa Lacy.


  2. God alone gives us the cue on what to do, mot the elites. Stand firm until God Almighty directs your path.


  3. Firstly, I have to say that I noticed you have lots of creepy weirdos commenting on you sites all over the place, some really bizarre delusional stuff, imaginary ideas and visions floating around in their head all based on fantasy and not reality. Secondly, wow, I like this video of yours the best. Are you a witch? That witchy thing at you do with the music was really cute and hot, it put all kinds of fantasies into my should and mind, you witchcraft is very powerful. I felt it touch me at night, did you feel it too? wow, very cute, smart and hot. Too bad I’ll never meet you in person to hear your wisdom and or watch those slinky snake dances you do also, Shucks. Oh Well, keep up the great videos, I’m really rooting for you Loretta, and your videos because I’m probably your only true friend in the whole wide world who really understands you and wants to help you. (Forget about creflo, van impe, george w. armstrong, benny hinn and peter popoff, etc. They just want to use you, theyre evil and corrupt and look like fools, not like you Lori-Beth. They want to just make you into a steeple dummy. So hot and cute.


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