What The Elite Don’t Want You To Know Has Just Been Made Available to the Public: One Man Holds a Patent That Will Help Many…


The key to our salvation from Monsanto lies in pages of one man’s patent that could literally change the health of millions on the planet. For far too long Monsanto has been pulling the strings in our food industry and it’s about time we put an end to their power-hungry rhinoceros approach and shove them and their food down the toilet where it belongs.

Every year millions are infected with their chemicals and GMO ridden food put out by this monstrosity and as a result there has been an uptick in cancer, tumors, Alzheimers and more! We’ll I have a had enough! It’s time we fight back!

In the video below I expose not only the real nature of this company but also one man’s patent that could literally crush them from the inside out…

Here is Paul on TedTalks: 6 Ways a Mushroom Can Save the World…


For More Information See:


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