Breaking!! Jade Helm Could Be Readiness For Russia Retaliation if We Arm Ukraine! Ultimately Leading to Martial Law!

Pro-Russian separatists from the Chechen

Huge News!! By now you are aware of the infamous military “drill” known as, Jade Helm, that will be taking place July 15th – September 15th in many U.S. States including: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and California. While this may seem like business as usually the drill screams preparation for martial law. However I have recently stumbled across some rather shocking information that could prove we may be in for a lot more than we barged for—That is that Jade Helm just might be preparation for a threat from Russia.

After all the Chechen parliament has just threatened the US that if we arm Ukraine they will retaliate by arming Mexico so it can gain back land we purchased from them in the Treaty of Guadalupe. Here is the treat made by the Chechen parliament:

“It follows that the United States has no right to advise Russia to behave with neighboring friendly people. Supply of arms [to] Ukraine will be perceived by us as a signal to the appropriate actions – we will begin delivery of new weapons Mexico to resume debate on the legal status of the territories annexed by the United States, which are now the US states of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

We reserve the right to perform in Russia, Mexico, America conferences with questions raised about the separation of the above-mentioned state of the United States and delivery of weapons to the guerrillas there.”

The latest move by our Government has pushed Russia to the breaking point, so much so, that they are treating the United States that if we arm Ukraine they will retaliate by sending arms to Mexico so that it can take back land purchased in the Treaty of Guadalupe. Now here is the kicker, the land that our government is reportedly running the Jade Helm Drills on, just so happens to be the same land that Mexico would be targeting in the event the Russians armed them and we gave arms to Ukraine!

In the video below I dive through every detail of the treat and the Jade Helm events and put all the puzzle pieces together. Trust me! This is one video you don’t want to miss! Here is the breaking report….

For More Information See:

Russian News:


Jade Helm:


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  1. Lisa, I have found another piece of the puzzle regarding Jade Helm 15. This link has an excellent discussion on a video, mostly about the changes in Europe since February. it explains a lot of the Geopolitical changes since then. At about 30 minutes in, the discusion segways to Texas and Utah, the two states called ‘hostile’ on the Jade Helm document. Texas has just introduced legislation that specifies gold and silver as legal tender, and Utah last year introduced a slightly less sweeping piece of legislation. We know what happened to other ‘countries’ that tried to do this, and weaken the Federal Reserve notes. They were invaded. The article accompanying the video has all of the major points spoken of, included an outline for convenience. Shows the timeline of recent events, extremely good, explains a lot of things all happening right now.


  2. Great posting, also on Before Its News re JH 15, tried to comment, never could get through to it, but your haters can.
    Jade Helm 15: Jade, a gemstone precious to Chinese for good fortune and wealth. Helm, the device by which a ship is directed or steered. 15, as in July 15, also the time of the annual 2-week summer camp for men important to the NWO, the camp at Bohemian Grove, northern California.

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  3. Also, the color of the weapon in the Jade Helm 15 symbol is jade green. Jade is often green of one shade or another, it can even be pale, almost white. The motto given is “Mastering the Human Domain.” That can only be from hell.



  1. Breaking!! 100% Proof Jade Helm Not A Drill! It’s Readiness For Russia Retaliation if We Arm Ukraine! Ultimately Leading to Martial Law! | necltr

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