DARPA Just Released Their 2015 Report Exposing a Twisted Future Vision For America! Everything from Mass Surveillance Tools, to Brain Chips, to Biotech, to New Information You’ve Never Heard, Are Included…

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On March 26, 2015, DARPA released a 37 page report titled Breakthrough Technologies for National Security. It is a biennial report that summarizes their agenda for future advancements in the coming years. The report focuses on four main areas of advancement:

1. Complex Military Systems (enabling development and integration of military weapons, drones, satellite GPS, terrorism defense)

2. Mastering the Information Explosion (developing tools for the government so they can better track and organize citizens social media) 

3. Harness Biology as Technology (Mixing man and machine, brain chips)

4. Expanding the Technological Frontier (mathematics, chemistry, harnessing quantum physics)

Of these four areas a few of them are rather troublesome to ponder. Considering DARPA works hand and hand with the government, things like brain chips and social media tracking raise some serious concerns for the everyday citizen.

In the video below I drive through all 37 pages of this report. I highly encourage you to watch it in it’s entirety. No one has covered this yet, so you’ve got the exclusive…

Here are just a few troubling quotes from the report….

“Military intelligence analysts face the monumental and escalating task of deriving meaning from massive volumes of complex data collected from multiple, diverse sources, including physical sensors, human contacts and contextual databases.” (pg. 14)

“Increasingly, the bottleneck to wise decision making is not a lack of data but a lack of capacity to identify and understand the most important data…. DARPA is developing novel approaches to deriving insights from massive datasets and to mapping behavior patterns at scale, including algorithms to quickly identify anomalous threat-related behaviors of systems, individuals and groups…..The Agency is also developing technologies to provide comprehensive awareness and understanding of the cyber battlespace; automated computational capabilities to detect hidden causal relationships; search technologies for discovery, organization and presentation of domain-specific content; software to detect, classify, measure and track the spread of ideas and concepts on social media…” (pg. 6)

For More Information See:

DARPA Document: http://go.usa.gov/3rut4



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  1. Can I post this on my Facebook and links on Twitter?




  2. Good job Lisa. Please keep up the good work. One day, the NWO will shut down civilian access to internet, so we must make use of it while we can. Psalm 37


  3. Please check out 4-5-15 Alert on Steve Quayle’s site


  4. Medical Micro-chips are also for mind control. Add to this that there is a chip that mimics the owner’s behaviour. You can imagine that a person’s mind will be taken by the Internet computer and a robotic software will be acting instead of him. Also http://www.wearethemighty.com/remote-control-cyborg-insects-2015-04 Also replacing the dead honey bees by creating AI bee. The video was commissioned by Green Peace telling children that these bees would do no harm to humans and you can even cuddle them and put them on your palm. Apparently, they can only attach the ‘unfriendly’ insects. We should know what this means. These robotic bees can be used to pollinate ONLY the crops and plants that biotech companies want, they are wealthy enough to hijack this and control these bees. If this is not enough, the bees can kill other insects that pollinate wild plans and trees. Needless to say that all these insects can also spy on humans. The alleged benefit from these insects is minuscule compared the harm they can do to us and to our environment. Incidentally, there is a micro-chip that makes your dog a very ‘polite’ animal if he is growling, not sitting on command, is messy, the chip will turn him into a ‘nice’ doggy. Scary, isn’t it? They have also proposed to micro-chip cats, guess what, they cannot control what they do at night as cats are free roaming animals, you cannot lock them up. So they want to ‘find out’ what the cats are up to. They are absolute control freaks. Well done Lisa, a very detailed analysis of the report.


  5. http://www.earthpulse.com/

    Nick Begich’s website in which he details how mass electrical signals can beamed up from an array of antenna and bounced off the ionosphere in either a narrow beam covering a specific and defined geographic area, or it can be reflected back to earth in a broad beam application in which millions could be impacted by one electrical signal designed to change human behavior. We know this technology as Project HAARP. United States Patent 5,159,703, Lowery, October 27, 1992, Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Inventors: Lowery, Oliver M. Appl. No. 458339 Filed December 28, 1989, discusses the microwave technology necessary for mind control. In this patent, we witness the move from the mind control of certain individuals who might have been programmed, which is frightening enough, to witnessing entire populations being controlled. The patent discusses the possibility of impacting millions at a time. The net effect of the technology is enhanced when there is a transducer in the body such as an embedded microchip.


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