Alert! What’s Happening At Hoover Dam?! Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California are In MAJOR Trouble!


By Lisa Haven

Major news coming out of the West Coast as a drought continues to haunt the area and fears of Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead Drying up are becoming as real as California’s water rationing problem.

For four years California has been faced with record-breaking drought conditions that have sparked law enforcement officers to crack down on so-called water “abusers” who use “too much water.” Not only that but now there are rodents desperately searching for water from animal bowls, troughs, and bird baths because of the servility of the drought. These reports of massive rodent infestations are throwing up all kinds of red flags for those living in the area.

But that’s not all!! Now there are reports that Lake Mead/Hoover Dam is drying up, which could ignite water rationing in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico, including the Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas areas.


Here is the breaking report…



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  1. This is going to cause major problems very soon, and much more severe than it is now. No water means no food which means famine! The powers that be in CA want to create two huge tunnels to transfer water from the central and northern CA regions, but this is not going to rectify the situation. Northern CA is in a drought situation now too, as is Oregon and Washington! I think the government is preparing for civil unrest because panic is going to set in shortly!


  2. This may be the real reason why big superstores like Target and Walmart are cutting back on hours and closing many stores! Walmart closed 30 of its stores in Japan, and at least 5 stores in the US, plus they are cutting back on their hours they’re open in many places in the US. Target has closed 130 of their stores in Canada, and has closed some stores in the US as well.


  3. I write for Chris Kitze as well and I would expect that you know my work if you indeed are a researcher in topic areas that relate to work I do, Lisa. My question is why have you passed over my research, posts, and findings regarding Hoover Dam as having been integrated with CERN technology?


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