HUGE: Psychiatry Used as a Tool To Eliminate Conspiracy Theorists and Dissidents! Shocking Repeat of the Soviet Union in America!

By Lisa Haven

You don’t have to be crazy to believe conspiracy theorists, but according to research it certainly helps.

In fact, just believing in them indicates you are more likely to be paranoid or mentally ill, according to a few studies done here in the U.S.

The sad truth is this rings eerily similar to the events that transpired in the mid 1900’s with the Soviet Union where political dissidents were labeled psychiatric nuts and dubbed with “sluggish schizophrenia” for opposing those in government. In fact psychiatry was used as a weapon to eliminate “political opponents” who openly expressed their belief against the tyrannical regime running the country.

As a result they were put into psychiatric incarceration for possessing certain books, participating in a civil rights movement, or adopting a religion the government didn’t like and ultimately viewed as having a form of mental illness that needed to be cured.

Could we be looking at something similar happening here in the US with “political dissidents” they don’t like? Such as their most recent targets Christians, patriots, and veterans? I believe it’s possible….

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2 replies

  1. Hi, Lisa, I love your blog, your information is usually the first before anyone else! I don’t know if you know about Targeted individuals, I was turned in by a Walmart manager because of my political conservative views, that was 8 years ago, when Janet Napolitano was Homeland Security Director.there was the campaign if you see something, say something. My manager told an upper manager the next thing I know I was being followed and told by an employee by Satanists who worked there. They followed my back and forth to church, Bible studies, everywhere! Soon, I had my whole neighborhood spying on me, and entering my home while I was at work, eating my food, moving things around switching out clothes, for different ones different sizes, pictures missing. I knew I wasn’t losing my mind, but they were such little things I couldn’t prove,only my hearsay. After a couple of years or more, I finally had a nervous breakdown, for lack of sleep, and trying to hold a full time job, and all of the harassmentt on the road and when I would get home .i told my doctor what had been happening and said clearly you are delusional after running extreme MRI’s EKG, and nothing was found wrong with me.she immediately on a 2 night stay had a psychiatrist come in an talk with me in a 15 minute setting, and they were going to put me on a medication that I found out leads to death. I only took one tablet before throwing the others down the toilet..ive since learned that doctors are having to take an oath of protection of the govt, in cases of targeted individuals, my doctor called my family and had them convinced. I guess they have faith like most people in the doctors profession. I believe the end of all of people like me are going to be mental wards or worse. I’ve changed doctors, but it’s still on my record, and I had to call a police one time for vandalism on my car, he didn’t fill out a police report, and said you have some mental issues. So now I know the police can or have my medical records on file. Lisa, what you are talking about isn’t in the future it is happening now. I appreciate you listening to me. There is a you tube, what every targeted individual needs to know about gang stalking, and Dr. John Hall you tubes. We are living in Nazi Germany now. God Bless, Marcia


  2. Amen Lisa!!! You nailed it on this one!

    I must be nuts because I believe in God, family, truth, honor, patriotism to the constitution and good will towards others. If this is what being crazy is than I am proud to be classified as a patriotic american.

    On memorial day this year we will be remembering those who have given their lives for the freedoms we have in this country. How would those same heros feel now about the freedoms our leaders are giving away on a daily basis???

    God Bless the home of the free and the brave! Long may freedom reign!


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