Alex Jones: “Something Big Is About To Happen!” Don’t Miss This Critical Alert!



By Lisa Haven

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something big and possible bad is about to happen? If you have, you’re not the only one! In the video below alternative media giant Alex Jones shares his gut feeling about what could be coming! Here is what is stated in his youtube commentary:

“Scientists have proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses. Alex Jones’ sixth sense has been going off in recent weeks and he wanted to take some time to share what he has been going through mentally and call for a discussion of what the future has in store in for all of us.”

Breaking report by The Alex Jones Channel


Is it an economic collapse, a war with Russia, World War III, race riots, a coming catastrophe, alien disclosure, or something we haven’t even pondered yet??? 


Comment below and leave your thoughts on what you think it is…. 


Hardcore Confirmation For Martial Law Preparations Hidden In a DOD Document! Warning Read Before It’s GONE!



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  1. Hi Lisa. I found out about your website from I now check your website each day. Thank you for all the information you share.
    I just wanted to let you know an observation that I have about America. We lived as missionaries in an unnamed country for many years while it was under military dictatorship. Each time we would visit U.S. I would make the comment to whomever would listen, “America looks like ……… (name withheld) when we first got there.” Now, even more so, as I see the videos of the police brutality, the police state, military “war games,” etc. it looks to me like America has been under martial law for at least 10 years.
    Just an observation from someone who lived in it.
    Anonymous (because we are still living overseas)

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  2. Economic collapse followed by nuke false flag followed by Red Dawn followed by massive earthquake/volcano…then the Judgment of God…then hopefully the defeat of the dark lords and anew Golden Age of peace and enlightenment, and a healing of the planet and all survivors!!!


  3. There is not doubt something is coming. I believe that it could very well be an economic collapse coinciding with a confrontation with China and Russia.

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  4. I work in retail and its amazeing how many customers make comments about the same thing Something is about to happen ,and talking about fema camps and other things eery but God will prevail !!!


  5. hi me & a few friends of mine actualy & cousins, have felt this un- easiness, bout 2 years now but seems to me getting much stronger this yr.6/7/2015,my opion, is that our government is up too something & maybe getting ready for something big, so big we wouldn’t even believe its possible, im a born again believer ill b fine & my cousins also , GOD PROTECT US ALL* AMEN.


  6. None of us r stupid God is coming back soon to take us home this is the hardest times to go through but God will prevail he will take care of all our enemy’s God says I will never leave thee nor forsake thee wake upele the king is coming and I can’t wait!!!!! My name is Darlene bean and I am not ashamed of the gospel



  1. Alex Jones : « Quelque chose de majeur est sur le point de se produire. » Ne ratez pas cette alerte critique! | ELISHEAN

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