Journalists Gain Access to Bilderberg Lockdown Hotel- You Won’t Believe the “Gift” Security Gave Them Upon Their Forced Removal


By Lisa Haven

Huge Breaking News!! Three independent news journalists—including youtube sensationWeAreChange— received an exclusive look inside the 2015 Bilderbergs meeting place the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in Austria. One of the journalists booked the hotel room in advanced and somehow happened to make their way into the hotel room for check-in and shockingly allowed past security checkpoints. While they were there they gather exclusive footage of the hotel rooms, the hotel itself, as well as one of the conference centers in the hotel. Shortly after their arrival and filming of the hotel, hotel security performed a background check on one of the journalists and after their findings they were escorted out with a “parting gift” ….

Video released by We Are Change:

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