WWIII is Seconds Away!! China Prepares For War Against US as Russia Edges on Nuclear Catastrophe?!

bob By Lisa Haven 

The world’s armies are readying themselves for an epic Armageddon style battle! From Canada’s Project Maple, to America’s Jade Helm, to Europe’s NATO drills, to Chinese and Russian naval war games. Countries are drilling and preparing their troops for battle, and these drills are among the LARGEST drills yet to be initiated! They are preparing for something MAJOR!

America’s Jade Helm 15 drills are breaking records as forces deploy to occupy 10 different states across America. Preparations include: practicing for gun confiscation, martial law preparation, war readiness, and preparations for any type of crisis.

In Canada Project Maple is also breaking military records as it occupies different parts of the country practicing gun confiscation, martial law, war, and crisis preparation.

In the Mediterranean Sea China and Russia Naval vessels have conducted their own live fire war gamesAnd now China is retrofitting thousands of their merchant ships, readying themselves for war!! 

  Infowars brings us the breaking report…

“In the interest of global peace, the United States must mend relations with China, or else suffer the consequences of World War III. At least, that’s what billionaire investor George Soros says.”Sputnik News

Also in Europe, NATO is hosting the largest drills in history. Tens of thousands of troops are preparing for war. Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania, UK, and Estonia, are all involved.

Rick Rozoff, a member of Stop NATO International, informed Press TV News this past Friday that the US and its NATO allies are nearing a high-risk military standoff with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, a situation that he believes could lead to one of the worst catastrophes in history:

“The threat posed by the post-Cold War revival and the expansion of the NATO cannot be overestimated,” said Rick Rozoff. “It has the potential quite literally to lead our planet and its people towards the worst catastrophe in history, which would be a nuclear war.” Press TV News

Here is that breaking report…

Not to mention the fact that Russia is beefing up their arsenal, and that tensions are continuing to rise between the United States and Russia as Putin pushes towards a new round in the arms race claiming that since the US withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 he feels led to do so:

“Not military conflicts but global decisions like the US unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty lead to a Cold War,” Putin said. “This more in fact pushes us to a new round of the arms race, because it changes the global security system.” (RT News)

I hate to say it, but we are literally teetering on the brink of World War III with China, Russia and the United States as key players. Be ready, we only have seconds left! 

  Now, check out this Emergency Alert from Alex Jones at Infowars… 


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  1. This is a world tournament chess game with masters playing children.not everything is what it may seem to be as I learned by our own corporate government mass lie & deception.these new superpowers just made major business deals with the top businesses in the world.do you think for a minute they’re going to jump off the cliff for these looser elite bankers…not.develops your intuation and insight as we’re in an energetic matrix & we the awake are more powerful than you can imagine.why they are scared to death of us wakeing up…too late


  2. More than a minute passed…it could not have been literal. Figurative, yes I agree.


  3. This is the start of the great tribulation
    Get right with Jesus Christ today!
    We all will get to meet him soon!!! For some sooner!!


    • It is written that 70 years were to pass from the establishment of the Jewish “State” until the end of the desolations of Jerusalem. Daniel 9:2, RSV, 1952, states, “…I, Daniel, perceived in the books the number of years which, according to the word of the LORD to Jeremiah the prophet, must pass before the end of the desolations of Jerusalem, namely, seventy years.”
      May, 1948 plus 70 years equals May, 2018! Near the end of this 70 year period, there is to be a 7 year time period, a “time of trouble”, a “great tribulation”.
      May, 2018 minus 7 years equals May, 2011. We are in the “time of trouble” right now! Objectively, never in the history of the world has the world experienced anything like what has gone on since May of 2011 and is going on right now! Everything Jesus told the Apostles is occurring just as he told them!


  4. Just like the arrogance of the American elite. These war mongering Bstrds believe we can win a two front war, when in actuality America hasn’t WON a war since WWII, and most of THAT WAS WON BY RUSSIA, and now we find ourselves in an 11+ year war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Remember my friends it is your egos in support of our government war mongering that will turn your children into cannon fodder. DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK AMERICA HAS ANYTHING TO FEAR? You have a 1000 time greater chance of dying on American roads than you do of dying because of an attack by a terrorist. AND OUR GOVERNMENT KNOWS IT !

    Yet our war mongering Military Industrial Complex tries to get us to believe that there is an enemy behind every rock. Why is that? Give it a second, it will come to you……..



    • this is not an American conspiracy, this is a global conspiracy….They build up the USA both in strength and stature so that the world will trust and follow it. The whole time they were behind the scenes laying the foundation for their financial control on the markets of the world. They pushed communism in Russia with the funding of the bolshevik revolution, and left the Chinese rebels holding guns without bolts in their revolution. It isn’t war mongering of the government, it is strategy to keep us afraid so we comply with what they request, not to mention it keeps the world mostly using the petro dollar. But that my friend is quickly coming to an end


    • Don’t you mean WAR IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS, especially for the weapons manufacturers in all nations involved!


  5. It is my understanding that there will be a nuclear blackmail situation. The second beast, with two horns like a lamb, will speak like a dragon and force the whole world into worshiping the first beast, and this can be found in Revelation 13. .The answers are out there. Just pray and ask for the true heavenly inspiration, and you will find out more information. Those hidden in darkness will be brought into the light. I am so thankful that this new world order tyranny will be squashed by the Creator himself, when heaven will open up at the Seventh Plague.


  6. Thanks, Lisa, for your email updates. I wasn’t able to pull up these. I think the internet czars are deleting them

    Sent from my iPad



  7. Seen any of the video’s out there showing military equipment and trains carrying military equipment being transported in various locations in the US? WW3 is being fomented for a reason! Albert Pike, whose statue sits in Washington, D. C., wrote why they fomented the previous two world wars, and why they are fomenting the 3rd world war! Once people are sufficiently disillusioned and traumatized by lawlessness and horror’s of war they’re easily influenced into accepting the “…pure doctrine of Lucifer…”! What is this doctrine? It’s the doctrine of “Humanitarianism”, which is opposed to the “…doctrine of Christ…”! What is the world’s largest “humanitarian” professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity? Perhaps you should find out!


  8. A nuclear war does not have to occur for the people of this planet to be annihilated. Unconventional warfare involves a broad spectrum of ways to conduct warfare without resorting to using nuclear weapons. Electronic warfare technologies can disable electrical systems at nuclear power plants causing them to malfunction and meltdown. If enough nuclear reactors were affected this way there would be no need to use nuclear weapons. The effects of failed nuclear reactors are far and away much more severe, and deadly. to biological life-forms than a nuclear bomb, unless quite a few nuclear bombs were detonated in a nuclear exchange. The entire medical system is built upon treating people for many diseases that are directly attributable to exposure to radiological particulates, though the medical establishment will not tell people this. Cancers, birth defects, neurological damage, DNA and RNA damage are all related to this.


  9. On the 21st it was “seconds away”. Is is now thje 24th, so I guess we’re all right. 🙂


  10. The Ten Commandments, in their original form and intent, are not observed in America, period! The “west’s” culture is as ungodly and unholy as Sodom and Gomorah! Immorality and unnatural lust is supported and promoted daily by a majority of people in this nation today, including those in government, business, and the church! To say otherwise one has to be deceived or a deceiver! Nothing good will come of this, nothing!


  11. Hi, Lisa I’ve written to you before about my employer, Walmart, turned me into the government during the newly See it, Say it campaign by Janet Napolitano at the time in 2007, I was talking about the newly up and front runner Barrack Obama at work telling friends that came in not to vote for him, he is a basically, radical Hitler, I had many customers start up the conversations, many were living in fear because everything seemed to be changing, economy, laws, regulations, etc. I am a Christian and had made many friends during that time. Not too long, after being turned in by a manager because he was a liberal, and didn’t like my talk, I happened to notice managers following me all over the store, on breaks, at lunch, spying on me! If I went to the park, or different locations, sure enough I would have. Mexicans or different people park next to me, just to disturb my peace, or they would just happen to start up lawn mowers right on a median where I was parked, it happened every day, no matter what time I went or where I went, I finally approached a friend from work who looked like he was spying on me, he was either in his car before work , lunch, and after work right by mine! He admitted that the upper management had told some of them to follow me around because I was a danger. He admitted they were Satanists and they don’t like Christians and wanted me to quit! Well, I worked for 4 prominent companies that all went bankrupt, before I decided to go to Walmart to work, lower pay, but I had to work, I was in my late fifties when I started there. I told him you can tell them I’m not quitting!! I had a police officer/ college professor that taught criminology come through my line like clock work every Saturday, we became good friends, we agreed on politics and Obama, and confided in me and told me he had been followed by a Mexican Family behind him in line and almost got him fired from the police force! He was told to not come through my line anymore! Anyway, I started noticing damage to my car,unexplained scratches, breaking in my car and home, journals disappearing, pages being ripped out and then brought back in a place I never would have put them. Cd’s were taken then reappeared, a wooden fence completely collapsed in my back yard while I was gone, completely uprooted from a 12 inch posts! I was getting very freaked out, also, cars following me, color coordinated and always someone in a car or moving into a space next to mine, 100 percent of the time, not normal. Neighbors just happening to come out of their house the exact time I can out, I was getting spooked out, I typed in one day a few things that were happening to me and found out I was in a Covert targeted individual Gang Stalking Campaign! I never knew this was possible in the United States! This was in 2007 , a lot has happened since then, and a lot has come out to the public since then, that things like this do exist! One day I had to go to a routine doctor visit, I made the mistake of telling my doctor all that had been happening to me and that I was followed to her office! She didn’t want to hear it, said she wasn’t a policeman and suggested that I spend the night to get some rest at the hospital to calm my nerves. I, being naive agreed, well, she asked me if she could run tests on me, I said fine, nothing to hide, I agreed to MRI’s , EKG’s which totaled to 8 hours worth of tests! After all the tests came back nothing positively nothing at all was wrong, she talked me into talking with the hospital psychiatrist, he would come to my hospital room for a quick synopsis! I’m afraid I was still very naive, and thought I have nothing to hide , I was told I was being spied on, I read all about it on the internet, everywhere! Agreed to a quick visit with him, told him everything, and he declared me delusional. I was in shock!! Well, before leaving the next day my Dr. asked if I would agree to a 15 minute session with a State pyschiatrist, just to show my sincerity and what an outstanding patient I was I agreed! I had a 15 minute appoint. Inside my hospital room with her said nothing different, thinking, now she has heard of the Gang Stalking Program, and to my dismay she wrote me up as delusional and they filled out a prescription for some type of pills for delusions! The next day I had taken one pill was at home and an ad popped up on tv. stating if you are taking this type of medication if could lead to death, I got up and threw the rest of the pills down the toilet. Lisa, I believe God allowed me to see that ad to spare me. It was completely a set up with doctors and State Psychiatrists, all in this together to ruin a Patriot, Christian’s name and mental health! This happened in 2012, I recently have gotten fired at Walmart by a brand new cashier that I believed they brought in and she became my manager within 2 weeks, and I had been there 14 years! She harrassed and bullied me On top of the minute by minute stalking, my nerves were shot, I lost it and grabbed her, but as soon as I realized I had done this I let go, but now I’m having trouble at 63 years old finding another job, I believe I’m being black listed! I’m semi retired but only make 800 dollars a month so I need about 3 to 400 dollars a month more to live on. I’m still being followed and they are coming in destroying property inside my house, my underwear disappears and new underwear appears. I know this sounds so insane, but I live with my sister and she can testify not my being followed , but damage inside our home. I wanted you to hear this, because you are on target about how the doctors and police can get your records. I had to call a policeman for damage to my car while it was parked at Applebee’s while I was eating lunch, when he arrived he didn’t even fill out a report and mentioned I was going to a mental evaluation! Talk about humiliating!! Thanks, Lisa for letting me sound off! Hope this letter helps you to compare with others experiencing the same shanigans!! Sincerely, Marcia Jones

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    > From: Lisa Haven News > Date: January 5, 2016 at 10:57:02 PM CST > To: jovjira@gmail.com > Subject: [New post] Something Big Has Surfaced! Obama Makes His Move Before Exiting! Truth You Don’t Want to Know But Have To! > Reply-To: “Lisa Haven News” > > >



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