New World Order Website Declares: “A New Society Is Coming”–Prepare For Transhumanism and Augmented Reality…

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By Lisa Haven 


In the video below TruthMediaRevolution takes you through the mysterious New World Order website, Obscura Digital. If you are not familiar with Obscura they are a highly advanced technological company. Some of their feats include holograms, 3D visualization, augmented reality, interactive projection, and more. According to their website, “they provide life-size creative technology platforms for built environments, live events, and new ventures.” The website not only promotes the New World Order agenda, but also transhumanism and is the official starting point for Project Bluebeam.


Some of their clientele include: Facebook, Adobe, AOL, AT&T, BMW, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Dyson, eBay, GM, Hardrock Cafe, Heineken, Google, Honda, IBM, NASA, Saturn, McAfee, Lexus, Kodak, Yahoo, YouTube, United Nations, Trump, and many others.


Here is the breaking report…



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  1. And now here come the polygamists. Nathan Collier securing a legal union for him and his two Montana wives: “It’s about marriage equality,” is how Nathan Collier put it. And why not? Who among the five justices who rendered the gay marriage decision could offer a principled rebuttal? They can’t cite tradition, because that obviously means nothing. They can’t cite the role that marriage plays in procreation, because that obviously means nothing. Collier admitted that he was “inspired” by last week’s Supreme Court decision. Why shouldn’t he be? After all, in the mind of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the majority decision, there really is no such thing as society—all we are left with are fully atomized individuals who go about their day expressing their independence from social norms, bonds, and institutions.

    The decision legalizing same-sex marriage offers no limiting principle, and that is exactly why Collier is seeking to legalize his polygamous union. Look for Tom, Dick, and Harry to apply next. After all, if Tom and Dick can marry, on what principled basis can Harry be excluded?


  2. HELENA PETROVNA BLAVATSKY wrote the oldest language known to mankind is what she called the supernatural Mystery Language. It solely consists of combinations of 0s and 1s. The digital-based transhumanism is merely a smokescreen for very active demons. They, too, are communicating with the binary system of 0s and 1s.


  3. No thanks, I’ll pass.


  4. Electronic payments will soon be the only way you’ll be able to “buy or sell”. Verification and authorization will be done using your heart and brains electrical “signals”, along with other biometric/bioelectric “signals” which are unique to each individual. There are wireless electronic technologies already available that can be put “on” a human being to pick up those “signals”. Revelation 13, verses 16 and 17, RSV, 1952, will then become a reality.


  5. Those involved in this “movement” are, without any doubt, of the spirit of antichrist. They seek to attain immortality through the developments in their sciences and technologies. They totally reject the offer of eternal life from God through Jesus, The Christ.


  6. love your posts as a fellow seeker of knowledge I find your topics interesting. I have read a number of religious books and texts mythology ..and I agree with many of your thoughts concerning the fallen angels and the new world order . I think out side the box tho like the origin of demons ..I’m not going to quote the bible like so many others but after the flood it said something along the lines that the Giants inherited there fathers immortality but since they were not of God there spirits in habit the earth. once the Giants devoured human flesh and many more disturbing things now as these immortal spirits (demons ) they do the same but through possession and by other means .

    I think that the gods of old zues ,Odin,etc etc were all there fallen angels witch kind of makes sense seeing they were (Angels) are also eternal . have been trying to make aliens fit in with the details of the bible but had no luck your theory I must say is a just one , the one about the greys being the modern day neflem . Some say that is a distraction or a way to turn u away from got b CUZ let’s be honest when u think of aliens the thought of God and your faith is questioned and I imagine that’s exactly what they want . God is real God is good and if you ever doubt read about demonic possession . If Christ and God are not real then why do there names quake ,anger and ultimately cause the expel of theses entities . Thanks lisa for share Ing your truth n faith and encourage u to keep on ,ignore the ignorance of the negative bloggers and remember bloggers what Christ said about casting the stone !


  7. Lisa, I need your regular communication. You are fantastic in your diggings. Remain blessed indeed.


  8. Have you noticed how the Greek people have rejected the coming “cashless” system? Greece is a “cash” based economy, which was stated by a former member of the IMF today on Bloomberg News. People there use cash more than any other form of payment. Those involved in pushing the coming global cashless electronic monetary system are also members of the technotronic transhumanist movement. All the corporations and companies you listed in this article, and many others, are a part of this movement as well. For now, the people of Greece are suffering relatively minor effects from their decision to say “NO” to the advances of the New World Order crowd, but after a few days, when the shortages of food and other products begin in earnest, then the situation will change. When the situation there gets bad enough the people will, in the end, be forced to accept “digital currency” as an alternative to their “cash”. Just watch.


  9. And if you think the “Big Banks” aren’t in on this “movement” then you need to read this!


  10. Here’s a website that provides all the information necessary to understand who’s behind the “transhumanist movement”. They aren’t Christian, that’s for sure.


    • been trying to to make since with the whole nefphlim breeding thing , you opened my eyes to new possibilities with your D n a article , also about the Adam and Eve gene pool I always thought when the Tower of Babel was built not only were the languages changed but also nationality . But keep share Ing your knowledge thanks !


  11. How Do you keep your faith with all that info ?


      • Amen. I have been asked same. I have been asked how I stay SANE, LOL..
        Dealing with world systems and powers, antichrist agendas, alien (demon) agendas, it all can get mind boggling and for me i spent 15 years backslid into the occult nephilim doctrines, complete with transhumanism, technology and all that..makes me wonder if my Mom being proud of me for excelling in science in school was such a good thing?
        “All things work together for GOOD to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28
        Answer = Jesus, and trust in God.


      • Yea I feel you I kno a scientist who is also religious and I asked her how do you believe since most of the time those two subject controdicts on another and she said her relationship with God alows her to see the conection . It’s there you just have to look. I also have been battling with faith my mother raised me to formulate my own opinion as far as religion family baptist , I was sent to a Lutheran school , had jahovas witness classes , and as I grew older I did my own studies first my love for greek mythology had to find a connection between religion and mytholigy then the origin of demons , witch led me to the testament of solomon then to fallen angels etc etc Iv been reading form. Various books over the years religious and sience even if u read Stephen hawkens it almost sounds like he believes as well he speaks of the creator in his first. Book ,currently I’m reading the book of Enoch a egytian hylagrph book and the gospel of judas ,be for that a book of angels it’s quite fascinating how the Angels all have there purposes and missions , strangly so do demons but to a negative extent .it seems to me the more I read the more questions I have but one thing that keeps my faith is when excersisum are performed the name of Jesus and God seems to p them demons off someone that doesn’t exist or someone that was mirly a man could not have that effect on such a being dont u think


  12. Sorry about the run on sentences yall


  13. y the Way love ur hair mis haven


  14. For science God is simply the string of tendency by which all things seek to fulfill the law of their being.


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