Freemasons Endorse Pope To Harken in the New World Order Agenda…


By Lisa Haven

“The faithful [those in the Catholic Church] who enroll in Masonic associations are in a state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion” and “membership in them remains forbidden.”  Pope Joseph Ratzinger from the 1983 Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

“As Our predecessors have many times repeated, let no man think that he may for any reason whatsoever join the Masonic sect, if he values his Catholic name and his eternal salvation as he ought to value them.” Pope Leo XIII in 1884 in his encyclical letter Humanum Genus

Doesn’t it seem odd that Freemasonry, an organization condemned by the Catholic Church, is now openly endorsing it’s leader, Pope Francis? For the first time in history, this organization is hell bent on welcoming and embracing the Roman Catholic Pontiff—the very ones who called them the “synagogue of Satan.”

Multiple Masonic Lodges from Latin America, Europe, Italy, Asia, Argentina and others have banned together and embraced this Jesuit New World Order Pope.

I don’t know about you but something doesn’t smell right. Is this all just a bit of irony? Or is there something deeper going on behind the scenes? Wait until you here this shocking report…

For More Information:

Skywatch TV:

Lodge welcome Pope:

Philippine Lodge welcomes Pope:

Asia, Europe, Italy Accept Pope:

Italian Lodge Endorsement:

Papal ban of Freemasonry:



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    • Yes but it’s important to know how it got that way. Keeping in mind Marxism is always a front for Satanism, the Vatican was already infiltrated by 1025 Soviet in 1930. Vatican II saw the systematic domination of the hard left communist “Secretariat to Promote Christian Unity,” whose immediate effects were to have thousands of priests and tens of thousands of nuns leave by 1969. Masonry was condemned by every pope since 1738 until 1967 when the Masonic Parisian lodge congratulated the newly-retired Cardinal Villot on changing the pope’s traditional role from ruling on faith and morals, to now first and foremost following the policies of Masonry.


  1. Thank you Lisa. Greta, England.

    Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 05:42:33 +0000 To:


  2. posted in Israeli News Live יהוה יברך אותך סטיון בין-נון G-d Bless You Steven Ben-Nun / DeNoon Mailing Address: DeNoon Institute 11405 Olive Branch Ct. New Port Richey, FL 34654


    054-218-6836 Israel


  3. The Vatican was infiltrated big time since 1930. The book AA-1025 endorsed by Catholic icon Alice von Hildebrand revealed that by 1930 1,025 Soviet agents had penetrated the Vatican. In 1962-1965 the Communist hard left in the Vatican’s “Secretariat to Promote Christian Unity” dominated Vatican II and destroyed it from within. Teilhard de Chardin was the link between the Kremlin and Vatican. Chardin was a heretical evolutionist and Marxism cannot survive without evolution. And though Masonry was condemned by every pope since 1732, it finally surface and became overtly active in the Vatican since 1967. (More on this Marxist pope at and a most revealing 30-year old audio free at


  4. Good job, Lisa! Listen up, persons on the spiritual path must continue to effect a great number of cultural/lifestyle changes if they are to progress and overcome. Consider Bell Telephone, as a primary example. For one thing, The Vatican owns AT&T (the Bell System), lock, stock and barrel. So give up whole idea of using the telephone, at all. Trash your telephone. Kill your television. Throw the microwave out the window. Permanently. For heaven’s sake, we’re not robots! The Bell System is nothing but a giant psych ward. If you’re listed in the phonebook; well then you’re an inmate/patient in the asylum. “The emperor has no clothes.” Let the dead bury its dead. Let us move on to newer and better things.


    • Satan has always wanted to be like God. But his can only be a surrogate omniscience and “all knowing.” So he must resort to technology such as Bell Telephone. The “Vatican” owns ATT is slightly misleading, as the Vatican is currently a shill and a smokescreen for what the liberal Jews in Judeo-Masonry are accomplishing. When the “Vatican” takes property in Israel, it is actually the liberal Jews and their agenda in Judeo-Masonry.


  5. More Divide & Conquer! Liberal Marxist Catholics versus traditional anti-Masonic Catholics. This is not the first time true Catholicism is historically leaderless. Not only was this liberal bishop revealed by Malachy of the 12th century but by the very Church Fathers as seen in the free audio at This free audio is 30 years old but very, very revealing!


  6. For decades, local Masons used the Knights of Columbus as a recruiting ground, to recruit behind the scenes. For centuries, Catholicism was the bulwark against Judeo-Masonry but, over time, things were gradually watered down and infiltrated. Today, Masons are insidiously found on Catholic and Protestant church boards, choirs, and in various degrees and positions of authority. Over 28,000 Protestant churches are now State controlled by 501C3 (keeping in mind the State Religion is Freemasonry). The 1924 Masonic Encyclopedia states in its definition of Temple|: “Every Lodge is a representation of the Temple and every member of Freemasonry is a Temple worker.” The Masonic world govt. infrastructure, as the above article attests, is all in place with Masons in every country, to follow the very Antichrist (CERN related to this) in the emerging Temple, all set to be raised with computer hydraulics now in place and ready to go. For centuries, of course, the Freemason goal has been to excavate Solomon’s Temple to be the center and symbol of world government. Marxism and Masonry work very well together, as there is a large overlap with members of both.


  7. Freemasons also endorse Vatican’s ET Second Coming.


    • Yes, this is because an internal and external threat is needed for world govt. cohesion. The internal threat is the environment and the external threat is UFOs, both of which “only a world govt. can deal with.”


  8. Lisa,HAVE YOU HEARD whats going on in TEXAS???..CLINT, texas the US MILITARY has been KICKING in doors and forcing everyone to take the mark of the beast or not be releasted from the prison they were taken to,NO ONE is coming to their defence or helping them,CHECK out,UNITED MEDIA…Priscilla Mason just did a story about,with actual victims stories,THIS is happening now,Jade helm has gone live………



  1. Malichy’s Prophecy Coming True! Freemasons Endorse Pope To Harken in the New World Order Agenda… | Feels Like Jesus and Me Against the World…

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