Hair-Raising! Why Tribulation Is Soon! Shemitah Ignites, Troops Prep For Nuclear War, Microchip Implants and…


By Lisa Haven

Events are about to unfold and crisis’ of unprecedented proportions are coming. Things will happen suddenly and without warning. It will strike fear into the hearts of American citizens and sadly, many are ignoring the numerous warning signals.

If you are one of those who don’t believe the end of this age is near, then you are in for a real wake up call! We are the generation that will witness the times described by John the Revelator, in the book of Revelation. A time of unheard chaos and turmoil that causes men’s hearts to fail them for fear of things that are to coming upon the earth.

You can’t afford to miss this powerful message about whats ahead prophetically. It provides clear, concise evidence of Biblical end time prophecies and mysteries including the unfolding of the Shemitah, troops in America preparing for nuclear war, microchip implants required in Finland, and the multiple stock market dives happening across the nation. You’re in for a real wake up call…



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8 replies

  1. Great work Lisa very true everything we see happening now are all signs of the end
    the beginning of sorrows that are coming upon earth war weather earthquakes plague ɛt ˈsɛt(ə)ɹə
    Romans 1:27 – And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. that is happening all over the world today
    Zechariah 14:12 – And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.
    sounds like some kinda Bio war fare.


  2. I just saw Chris Christy on CNN say he would hire the president of Fedx to create a plan to track visa imigrants. All the commentators were aghast but none would say ‘Mark of the Beast’.


  3. actually what is being described is what happens when you are out in the open near a nuclear detonation. even the shape of the cloud is described in the Bible. fleeing to the mountains is actually a pretty good idea and taking nothing from your home after such an event is great advice( radioactive contamination). mothers who are pregnant at such time will indeed see a time of great sorrow due to the miscarriage and horrific defects from those who are born. one thing that was recorded at both japanese bomb sites were rivers of blood from many out in the open. remember that at the battle of Armageddon it will take years to bury the results. a 200 million man army caught on it the open would produce a lake of blood three feet thick and cover hundreds of miles. if and when Israel were faced with such an annihilating event she has the nuclear weaponry to make such possible. the jews will never again be done as they were in the Holocaust of ww2, this they have made plain over and over again. does this mean this is what will happen? in truth no one on earth can say as it is certainly within God’s power to do so a thing without our help. notice though, that no matter the warning those who follow Satan rush to their doom in the effort to destroy this world. those who follow Christ will die, same as those who follow Lucifer, all flesh does, what is different is that they land in a lake of fire while we land in paradise. all in all, i would say we get the better end of the deal.


  4. Hello Lisa, get the message out, no more talking, it’s time for action. We all know what’s going on, what we must do is action so as to make a stand against the evil ones. It’s not going to be easy but it’s time to get off the grid. I believe we are in the middle of Tribulation, the first three and a half years have passed, it was a time of peace but it was a false peace … as it is written. Satan has risen and we have all witnessed demonic influence over the past couple of months since July everything has been the result of extreme satanic planning to take down first America and then the rest of the world. The beginning of Tribulation began 1st /Jan/2012 adding three and a half years or as it is written 42 months, that date brings us to 30th/June/2015. The beginning of the Great Tribulation began 1st/July/2015 and this is the time of the Great Tribulation and will continue for another three and a half years from this date as it is written another 42 months bringing us to Jan 2018. I do not profess to know the date of our Lord’s return, but it does say that you will see the season approaching. URGENT MAKE HASTE, ESCAPE FROM AMERICA or as I said previously get off the grid in other words disappear, if you own a car or computer techno sell them and prepare yourselves buy sustainable food items and stash them in the bush and cover them with soil and brush, buy pushbikes for yourself and your family, be prepared to eat out of bins if necessary, take with you a backpack with one set of clothes, a jumper and a light weight sleeping bag and don’t forget lighters to make fires for warmth and cooking if necessary, at the back of fruit and vegetable grocery stores you can usually find off cuts of vegetables and aged fruit, with the vegies you can boil them for a meal. When the NUMBER of the BEAST comes into force, BE PREPARED TO WALK AWAY FROM EVERYTHING, YOUR CAR, YOUR HOUSE, YOUR COMPUTERS AND TECHNO STUFF, MOBILE CELL PHONES, BECOME HOMELESS. If you choose to hang on to materialistic items and you are forced to comply and you accept the Number of the Beast, know this YOU WILL BE GIVING YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO SATAN AND YOUR SOUL WILL BE WITH SATAN FOREVER IN HELL. It’s going to be tough going and don’t forget to take your Bibles. BE ON YOUR GUARD, BE STRONG IN YOUR FAITH, BE BOLD, BE MEN AND WOMEN OF COURAGE, AND DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE. Don’t forget to preach the Word and the Gospel of Christ to the fearful that they may be saved. As it is written in the last days there will be a great pouring out of the Holy Spirit and a multitude will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.Trust in Jesus Mission. May the Lord our God be with us all….Do not be deceived, Do not accept the NUMBER OF THE BEAST, LOVE CONQUERS ALL FEAR,


  5. Hi Adrian here, just an after thought you would need,,, a pot, backpacks for your food to store and bury, a metal basket for your food collections on the back of your pushbikes and a little luxury SALT, an animal trap or two to trap small animals, and also a crossbow for hunting larger animals NOT AS A WEAPON, 25 litre water containers and daily water bottles and try not to draw attention to yourselves and do not steal food or anything else, do not break the law and be vigilant, think about what you need not what you want, remember your soul is at stake be careful. You can do it if you try. IF you read your Bibles eg Matthew 24 and other references you will find that the Rapture and the LORD’S RETURN will be at the ” Last Trumpet ” Read Revelation and as complicated as it may seem as it is written,,, ” You will be blessed ” And just on a lighter note of encouragement ,,, Daniel Boone did it why can’t you, rely on God’s Blessings ,,,, Peace be with you.


  6. Adrian once more, buy a suitable size tent for you and your family or make a shelter out of wood, clay, branches and bark, and rope, a fire place inside with a chimney, and you can build a bed above the ground to sleep on, pillows and blankets and take a Tomahawk a blade on one side and a hammer on the other side. If you want to totally disappear go to the high country deep into a national park near a running stream, which animals drink from, you can take a pan and an airtight container to gather animal fats to fry meat in. Also remember to take basic fishing gear. Remember you can not buy or sell without the number of the beast so you can only eat what you can hunt for or gather ( try and buy a book on the Native American Indians what they gathered to both eat and to use for medicinal applications and (a Survival in Wild book), it’s amazing what you can do when you have to. Just consider it as a long Camping Holiday and an adventure. This is my last entry I pray all this information will be helpful for your escape from Society. If you are a Christian and you are caught you must not renounce your faith in Jesus, by doing so you will be beheaded, though do it bravely, go to the guillotine joyfully singing praise to the Lord for we know we will be going to be with the Lord in heaven. People will hate Christians, be careful who you trust, as “the love of most will grow cold” only trust those who have gone bush also. Do not trust Christians living in big expensive homes and expensive cars after the Mark of the Beast comes in, Christians will be dobbed in for a handsome reward. A lot of people were expecting a Pre-Tribulation Rapture but if you really read your Bible you will find that it will be a Rapture at the end of the Tribulation. ” He who stands until the end shall be saved ” be comforted, read your Bibles.


  7. Just a thought for you regarding the dates above, I have said that the ,,,1st of July,,, was the beginning of the Great Tribulation. So what happened on 1st July? The major event of Jade Helm 15 that resounded around the world & the Military of many countries were on ‘WAR ALERT’ this began on that date, since then there has been wars & rumours of wars, ” Nuclear Wars ” … and now the crash of the Stock Markets as predicted by many, including Jonathon Cahn. It is the beginning of the end and people can sense it, ordinary people and the homeless are beginning to be detained in Fema Camps, more persecution of Christians and the deaths of Christian Leaders who have been outspoken, more Martial Law in the streets, and more earthquakes. Be warned, from now onwards you will see great calamity and anarchy in the streets of the Unites States and shortly after when the Number of the Beast will be instigated and when Fema Camps are killing the masses, the whole world will follow. Hell bent on destruction. The apocalypse of World War III is upon us. The next 3 years and 4 months will indeed be Hell on Earth. Let us all pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ that in the persecution that we will suffer that we will stand firm in our faith to the end, and if some of us are captured and we face death by the guillotine, that we stand boldly and joyfully “knowing that we are partaking of the sufferings of Christ”, also because we know we are going to be in heaven with our Lord Jesus. “Love conquers all fear”. So in our love for our precious Jesus, our fellow Christians and the lost (who will be coming to the Lord during this time), be joyful and be happy as you approach your death speaking forth Bible Verses or singing Songs of Praise and Worship, to our Lord … satan will hate this because he wants us to be fearful of him unto death. He thinks that his threat of death will make us so fearful we will renounce our faith. “Do not fear, for I am with you” is spoken by our Lord God Almighty 365 times in the Bible, one for each day, because He knew we would be facing fearful times. But remember this “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us” There are so many great encouraging verses in the Bible to get us through these hard times before us. Find like minded Christians who are thinking of taking flight deep into the forests of the National Parks and share with them what I have shared with you. Print out everything I have shared with you. Tell them how to be prepared now so that when the persecution begins that they are ready to escape the Towns and the Cities. In the Bible it says that if we put our trust in our Lord God Almighty He will supply all our needs. And let us pray “Come Lord Jesus Come”… “But be prepared in case He doesn’t come when you expect Him” … “As He will come as a thief in the night.” So do not expect Him to come at the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, not Jesus nor the angels knew the time of His return … only God knows that time, but we are told to be ready doing the Lord’s work until He returns. So even in Tribulation speak forth the Gospel of Christ so that many may be saved. Read & Pray & be at Peace & Trust in Jesus Christ.


  8. Hello again regards to the dates I have given you of the beginning of Tribulation being the 1st. Jan. 2012 and ending 42 months later on the 30th June 2015 and the beginning of the Great Tribulation on the 1st of July 2015 and another 42 months ending in Jan. 2018 what world wide apocalyptic event happened in Jan. 2012? In mid Jan. 2012 many countries around the world heard sounds from the skies (the heavens) it was a Trumpet like eerie sound like that of a Shofar a warning of things to come and to prepare God’s army to be ready for battle. This sound was heard in the USA, UK, Russia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Australia, Greece, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Africa, Finland and Chili to name but a few, is this a warning from God being the First Trumpet of the Apocalypse. Look up on Google (17th Jan.2012 mysterious sounds from the skies (heavens) around the world. Now look up the Sound of the Shofar and listen to the similarity. I do not concur that these sounds that sounds like the Shofar is the first Trumpets of Tribulation and that of the Apocalypse but it is very co-incidental that it happens on this date in January 2012 which I believe is the beginning of Tribulation. The second major thing that happened in Jan. 2012 was that Obama signed the Police State Legislation ,,, he signed this Initiative on 3rd Jan. 2012 ,,, I will let you put the pieces together ,,, it seems very ominous to me ,,, what is in store for us for the next 40 months as July and August has already passed, what will happen in Jan. 2018 which is 42 months from the 1st July 2015,,Trust in Jesus Mission,”Trust and Obey”. o


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