You Won’t Believe What The CDC Admitted To and Swiped Off the Internet To Cover Their Tracks! Millions Were Affected!


By Lisa Haven

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) an agency devoted to saving humanity from deadly diseases has admitted to possibly infecting 10-30 million Americans with a deadly virus via a vaccination. Ironically the very company established to save humankind, is now killing it with a a polyomavirus. The rabbit whole goes much deeper than you realize and truth is often stranger than fiction. Here is the report…


What You Need To Know Now: 

On May 1st, Frederica S. Wilson, a Florida Democrat Congresswoman, introduced a draconian legislation that would send chills down your spine! If passed the legislation would require all public school students to be fully vaccinated according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The proposed bill is called H.R.2232 and rightly titled— Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015.

According to the bill:

REQUIREMENT.—For a State or a political subdivision or other public entity of a State to be eligible to receive a grant under this section, the applicant shall demonstrate to the Secretary’s satisfaction that, subject to paragraphs (2) and (3), the State requires each student enrolled in one of the State’s public elementary schools or public secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

If the state refuses to abide by this law, they will pull the cities federal education grant funding—thereby forcing the issues of vaccination. Here is the breaking report…

For More Information See:

CDC Cashed Copy:

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CDC Aluminum:


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  1. The CDC is very CORRUPT under the Obama-Nation REGIME!!


  2. Reblogged this on Kristi's Political Place and commented:
    The CDC is very Corrupt under the Obama-Nation REGIME!!


  3. Read the book Dr Mary’s Monkey. It reads like a mystery novel, but it is a true story backed by years of thorough footnoted research. It reveals the story of the polio vaccines being contaminated with sv40 and given to millions of unsuspecting Americans.

    To make matters worse, once they realized what they had done, they had some scrambling for a medical way to cure those contaminated and at the same time others were secretly working on ways to weaponize vaccines.

    There were secret labs in New Orleans run by Tulane University. And unbelievably Lee Harvey Oswald was part of this clandestine team in New Orleans.


  4. one line of code is all it takes to crash the EBT card system in America. the meltdown would result in hundreds of cities being burned to the ground and MARTIAL LAW being enforced. your kids would then get vaccinated or be machine-gunned against the wall. looks like Obama is about to make it real easy which side to pick. time to get ready folks.


  5. Reblogged this on Come In with an Open Mind! and commented:
    Great post on this vaccine madness that doesn’t seem to end. This is great research by Lisa Haven.



  1. You Won’t Believe What The CDC Admitted To and Swiped Off the Internet To Cover Their Tracks! Millions Were Affected! | Brittius

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